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 Test Results - Zephyros The Elite

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PostSubject: Test Results - Zephyros The Elite   Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:58 am

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-N/A)

Deck Eatos: T.G. Stun
Deck Zephyros The Elite: Blackwings

Match deck construction: 13/20
Match performance: 16/25

Replays: sendspace.com/filegroup/VOvrGrtf9Nx%2F6TzijfaYgQ

At first sight I thought i was looking at a very good BW build, but then saw some cards missing which are crucial to this deck.

Main deck: Um no blackwing shura at all? You need at least 2 x shura (I suggest x 3,but if you running sirocco then 2 its ok). Kalut should also be at 3, i don't see any reason why being less than 3 (it's BW's honest). It can win games multiple times. Now some cards that really drew my attention: double tragoedia,double SLR,dark bribe and foolish burial. If you went for a Vayu-turbo deck then you should have included 2 x armageddon knight+ 2 x dark grepher along with foolish but i don't know if that was your intention. To be honest i believe trago is not needed in this deck,better replace them with shura. Bribe is a 50-50 card because it might negate cards but its a +1 for your opponent,better replace it with another icarus (targets vayu). One SLR is enough to protect your backrow.
Extra deck:

- 1 x Armor Master (even in vayu turbo 3 is too much)
- 1 x SDD
- Vylon Disigma
- Scrap Dragon
+ 2 x Armed Wing (you run 3 x blizzard and in your extra only 1 armed wing?)
+ Maestroke Djinn
+ Sylphine, the Sub-Zero Siren (nice tech card in BW)

Siding: sided gorz.caius fiendish chain. Not best options,especially fiendish with Gorz...fiendish just makes Gorz dead in your hand (when it's already activated).

Game 1: You activated solemn judgment too early on my TKR (which would hurt you), while you could wait one turn. Next card was sirocco. Then you used your reborn to revive my TKR and also summoned bora to xyz into Utopia which I deviced finally. Overextended here obviously.

Game 2: Since you had 2 blizzard in hand you should summon 1 of them and save kalut in your hand. When I used device on your sirocco why you didn't chain icarus? Also, no need to veiler my rush rhino, he would eitherway get his effect when destroyed. You wasted a veiler from hand. Then you decided to use icarus with sirocco to destroy my TKR and rhino leaving another round without to attack me. Then with TG1-EM1 i took your catastor and won. Truth is you could SS DAD and try to pop my backrow and/or my monsters (my face-down was torrential tribute, but at least you could try it)

SINGLE: 0/5 (Loss)

Deck Eatos: Agents
Deck Zephyros The Elite: Blackwings

Single deck construction: 13/20
Single performance: 9/15

Replay: sendspace.com 8447dt

No comments, same deck as in match.

In round 4 you summon blizzard in attack position and also leave trago in attack position? Couldn't figure why. Your hand was not very good. You dropped DAD but my TKR negated your summon. Next you summoned blizzard (with only target in grave vayu) only to get rid of my venus with kalut in your hand. Would have been better to set kalut and then use blizzard and go for catastor.

*Note: while I could have ended game earlier with hole in hand, I just continued to see how you would respond. With only vayu in defence mode you top pot of duality and pick foolish burial. And while i waited you to send sirocco to grave, (since you had vayu in field already) you pick to send another vayu...totally wrong choice.

TOTAL: 51/100

Other Comments: You made many misplays in both match and single.Try and stay focused next time and it would be nice also to use different decks to show what other deck you are capable of running.

Different decks: -3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be assigned in the Slifer Red Dorm.

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned and Thread Locked!
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Test Results - Zephyros The Elite
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