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 adamkoolkid2-Test Results

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PostSubject: adamkoolkid2-Test Results   Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:09 am

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-x)

Deck ChrisG: Glad Fists
Deck adamkoolkid2: Hieratics

Match deck construction: 10/20
Match performance: 8/25


All the replays!!

Game 1: Turn 2; should have attacked. Turn 3; should have used Torrential Tribute when I summoned
Andal, instead of giving me Tiger King and letting me search. Should have summoned Meteor Dragon to get
Tefnuit's effect and overlay for Dragon King Atum.This would have given you more field presence, letting
you summon REDMD and get back Tefnuit.
Game 2: Turn 3; you chose Ptolemys instead of Atum, Atum is the deck's engine, and sets up your field
presence. If you don't have big threats keeping him down, he should be the first thing you get online.
Game 3: N/A


Always try to keep your deck at the minimum of 40. More than that invites inconsistency.
This deck is lacking in staples. You're focusing too heavy on the XYZ support, and not enough on
interacting with the opponent. You need to run Mystical Space Typhoon to remove threats from the
board, I suggest x2 for main deck, 1 more possibly in side deck. Extra deck needs 1 more card; I
suggest Stardust Dragon to make more effective use of your Starlight Road.


Try to use your engine whenever you have the availability to do so. The point of Hieratics is to
outsummon your opponent with big monsters. Atum is the main combo, the others are meant to remove
threats from the board, and should only be used reactively.

SINGLE: 0/5 (Lose)

Deck ChrisG: Six Samurai
Deck adamkoolkid2: Dark Paladin with Egyptian Gods

Single Deck Construction: 8/20
Single Performance: 2/15


Deck is too big; need to tone down to 40. Clearly the deck is geared towards using Dark Magician
and Dark Paladin. The use of Polymerization is problematic, as it causes you to severely minus
your hand, so make sure you never use it unless you have protection in your backrow. That said,
you ran a better trap lineup than with your first deck. Scrap Iron Scarecrow and Magician's Circle
can be replaced with Solemn Warning and perhaps 2 copies of call of the haunted. You should also
consider running E Hero Prisma and Summoner Monk to get a more consistent use out of your engine.
Thousand Knives and Dark Magic attack would then be playable, as would your Sage's Stone become
MORE playable, as Prisma treats itself as Dark Magician. Most DPAL deck players abuse the
Prisma Heavily, pitching Dark Magician for later recursion with Swing of Memories, clearing the
backrow with Dark Magic Attack, then Sage's Stone, Followed by Swing of Memories to get the Dark
Magician. In addition, your extra deck needs filling out. I suggest Dark Flare Knight, to use
for Prisma's ability, since you'll never summon it, it'll always be there to let you turn Prisma
into a Dark Magician. You might also consider Elemental Hero Neos Knight to give you alternative
options, pitching Elemental Hero Neos so you can use Wrath of Neos on your prisma, and control
the tempo of the duel with Hero Blast, taking out any 2500 or less attack monster and getting
Neos back to your hand for a drastic plus! With Miracle Fusion banned, it may make sense to use
Super Polymerization in place of it to give you access to the fusion monsters Elemental Hero-The
Shining, Elemental Hero Gaia, Elemental Hero Escuridao, Elemental Hero Nova Master, and others
that have attribute-based needs for their summon. This'll effectively let you pitch the Neos to
set up your grave for another 2500 hero blast, remove the opponent's monster, and give you a big
beatstick, all in one card. Again, these are just suggestions, but either way, you need to fill
out your extra deck. Spend time playing against other players to see what commonly used xyz monsters
would help you. The key is cheap removal of threats you commonly face.


This game was played terribly. You had a bad hand and you made bad choices with it. Card Trader has
the inherent weakness to Space Typhoon; once you pay it's cost, if it gets spaced, it's effect doesn't
work. You lost advantage because I exploited this weakness. You should have set your Valkyra, as you had
no way of knowing how strong the monsters in my hand were, and 1800 is better than 1600. The result is
you ended up losing your only summonable monster and being stuck with a hand of cloggy boss monsters you
had no way to summon.

Other Comments:

You have potential with these decks. They both have an inbound strategy that can abuse and lock the field,
you just need to work on them more, fill out the extra and side decks so you have options, and choose carefully
the 40 cards that give you the best degree of consistency. Drawing what you need isn't the key here, it's
drawing cards to protect what you need that's important. You GET what you need by establishing a deck's

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be placed in Slifer Red Think carefully about what you want to accomplish with your
decks and adjust accordingly. Streamline your deck so you're drawing what you need, not what you want after
you have your combo out.
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PostSubject: Re: adamkoolkid2-Test Results   Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:52 am

Tester DP awarded, Dorm assigned, Thread locked


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adamkoolkid2-Test Results
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