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 Test Results : MarinaWings

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Team : Pure Pleasure

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PostSubject: Test Results : MarinaWings   Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:10 am

Match : 8/10 (x-o-o )

Syncro variant Vs Destiny Heroes

Match deck Construction : 15/20
Match Performance : 21/25

Construction :
Fairly Good deck considering you made in around 10minutes (next time prepare ahead of time lol ) .
Well BlacklusterSoldier doesnt deserve a spot there since you run merely 2 light monsters
I would suggest adding in Starlight road since the deck runs a consistent amount of traps .
Extra deck looks pretty decent , although it would be better to replace utopia ray with Shining or Tornado .
Sided in Skill drain along with Barbaros and Fusiliar dragon , changing the entire phase of your deck lol . I wouldn't say its the best option to go with Since these monsters interfere with the Basic theme of your deck .
Skill drain served it purpose and negated my actions , Nicely done . Overall deck could use a bit more work .

Game 1 - No major Misplays , we kept falling into each others traps until you had none thus giving me Victory .

Game 2 - Skill Drain managed to put everything in your favor , No major misplays .Gg

Game 3 - Once again a battle of the traps , The amount of traps you set without any protection was quite disturbing . Resulted in me wiping them all out with one heavy storm . Few minor judgement calls that could have been done differently , apart from that , Well played .

Single : 5/5

Frognarcs vs Agents

Single Deck Construction : 18/20
Single Performance : 14/15

Construction :
Solid agent deck . It would be better if you inputted in tour guides with tour bus in order to open up lv3 xyz possibilities as well as go in leviar to summon back banished agents .(-2x trade in -1x Darklod superbia , +2x Tourguides + 1x Tourbus .)
Extra deck could use a bit of work . Heiratic sun overlord isnt necessary as going into xyz while you have 2 hyperions on field ( or 2 lv8 fairy types ) would be pointless . I'd replace 1 Darklord superbia with an additional Orange , but that's just a personel preference.

Performance :
Using Creature swap and giving me the stronger of your two monsters wasnt the best idea .
Summoning Hyperion and Darklord Asmodeus in one turn sealed the game to your favor . Flawless.

Different Decks : 3/3
Attitude : 2/2

Replays : sendspace.com/filegroup/BiZWD1WcZr5JAW7skKA%2FEg

Grand Total : 86/100

Congratulations , you'll be moving into RA yellow Dorm .
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PostSubject: Re: Test Results : MarinaWings   Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:29 pm

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned and Thread Locked!
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Test Results : MarinaWings
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