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 Atif2z's Test Results

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PostSubject: Atif2z's Test Results   Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:35 am

MATCH: 4/10 (o-x-x)

Deck Eatos: Lancer Frogs
Deck Atif2z: Geargia-Machina-Scrap-Karakuri (??)

Match deck construction: 11/20
Match performance: 15/25

Replays: sendspace.com/filegroup/%2BVXl54GrGWsiOZSSGG2A62OOFQeFj44Y

Well I must admit your build is someway confusing. I can see a mix of machinas, geargias, scrap and a karakuri (strategist) standing alone out there. There is not a clear sign of what deck you are running. Is it geargia-machina, geargia-karakuri or machina-karakuri?? Gearframe should be maxxed at 3 and maybe also add machina cannon. The Geargia's are ok, in my opinion the scrap beasts and the strategist have nothing to offer and honestly I can't find a reason why you included them. Night beam is best to be a side card so replace it with typhoon. Why Dark Bribe and no Solemn Brigade? Bribe gives a +1 to opponent so its better to be avoided. What is more, you should replace COTH and the random compulsory with another torrential and prison. You run CD but no chimeratech in side. Burei and Bureido fit better in a karakuri based deck and here you have 2 of each with running only 1 x strategist and 1 x Cyber Dragon. Also Scrap Twin Dragon is somehow random and you miss other valuable synchros/xyz's. Also 2 x birdman is too much for this deck. Didn't see any siding at all.

Game 1: While you chose to extend by summoning fortress after summoning gearframe you forgot to attach gearframe to fortress and protect it. As a result I used dark hole next turn to clean the field. Then you used geargiano's effect to SS armor from hand
(again waste of resources). Instead you could SS armor from grave which you sent before to SS fortress.Other than this you got advantage and attacked my treeborn for game with your burei (after switching it to ATK position). Nice!

Game 2: This game i opened good with trago and gorz. Bad thing is you overextended again summoning scrap beast and fortress as if
you were going for game. After attacking me i dropped gorz and...you compulsored it back again to my hand?? I had 6200 LP so i could SS it again easily! After that I summoned Caius targeting your Fortress and you activated its effect by discarding my trago. It would have been better if you targeted my gorz. Then here comes your biggest mistake: You started with reborn to special summon and ofc I chained my maxx C to it...you didn't stop SS (while you should have) and i kept drawing and drawing cards that gave me advantage afterwards.I drew like 7 cards by my count. From there with fader and dark dust spirit it was much or less over...even your next top mirror force was not much for my Ladd.

Game 3: Unfortunately for you I opened with frogs and Ladd. First draw for me was heavy where you chained your bribe giving me +1 (an example of how bribe can be dead card). I took early advantage with dropping Ladd on the field. This time you wasted resourses (hole, heavy) to enforce my Ladd's effect and drop his attack which was good, you couldn't do otherwise. Attacking shining elf with your fortress while they had equal attack points was smart to get rid of my dark mist as well. Yet I was holding dark hole in my hand which I used after. At that point I made a misplay which you didn't take advantage of. I banished my treeborn to SS ronin for more defence and then i used poa hoping for lancer frog. I drew Ladd which i summoned right away. You managed to counter my Ladd and SS stardust. Luckily I drew caius while i had gachi on field and went through your SDD. Lancer came to finish the game.

SINGLE: 0/5 (Loss)

Deck Eatos: Chaos Blackwings
Deck Atif2z: Six Samurai
Single deck construction: 13/20
Single performance: 8/15

Replay: sendspace.com y3u73m

Looks a nice samurai deck at first sight except for some details. In main deck you definetely don't need castle of mist. You should replace it with dojo which is better. You have maxed united since gateway is banned,very good. I noticed you miss some staples like Monster Reborn and Solemn warning! Zanji is a tech card,like Shogun Shien, so better keep it at 1. Like i said before compulsory is better sided in testing. You could use some other cards like prison or BOM which combos with Irou (could be at 1 as a tech). As for extra,Vulcan, Papilloperative and Giant Hand are not needed (maybe Corn also). You miss Naturia Barkion, Gaia Knight (SDD beater) BRD, SDD and perhaps Mist Wurm . Samurai extra deck is pretty tight so you must re-think what to put in and what to leave out.

Well single was pretty fast game. Luckily i opened with 3 kalut in hand. I can't understand why you overextended in that way, just leaving 1 card in your hand. Maybe you were very confident that your Shi-en would negate my face-down...still you were not going for game so that play was not needed. The fact is you didn't know i had not 1 but 3 kaluts in hand. You attack with kizan, I kalut that and I SS gale in atk position....you didn't wonder why in atk? And then again continue to attack with GM, I kalut again. My next top DAD sealed the game. You need to be more cautious next time when facing BW.

TOTAL: 51/100

Other Comments: You need to focus on your decks' constructions to make them more consistent and coherent.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be joining Slifer Red Dorm for now, keep practicing and I'm pretty sure you will become better day by day!

Wish you good luck on your next test!

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PostSubject: Re: Atif2z's Test Results   Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:59 am

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned, Thread Locked!


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Atif2z's Test Results
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