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 Test Results : Raged_kishin

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Team : Pure Pleasure

Posts : 22

Duel Points : 9223372036854775807

Duel Record : 0-0-0

Level : 1
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0 / 1000 / 100

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Name: Death
Deck: Divine Wrath

PostSubject: Test Results : Raged_kishin   Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:11 pm

Match : 6/10 (x-o-x )

Match Deck Construction : 12/20
Match Performance : 17/25

Agents vs Chaos Lightsworns

Replays : Xai_Test.rar

Deck Construction -
Overall deck Could use some fine tuning . I see you have replaced Lightpulsar Dragon with Maxx c .
Might want to rethink maining maxx c , replacing it with Chaos sorc or Card trooper for milling .
Extra deck could use a lot of work ,
Theres no way of Summoning 5-headed dragon . Superdreadnought Cannon Gustaph Max does not deserve a place there Since the chance of having two Tragoedia on the field is slim . A lot of Rank6 xyz monsters despite there being no level 6 cards in your deck .
I'd suggest adding in Utopia or maestroke for additional defense due to the large number of level 4's , And also maining atleast 2 Veilers .

Performance -

Game 1 - Setting Pot of avarice and Solar recharge Was unnecessary . You didnt summon DaD when you had 3 dark monsters in your grave , this could have changed the tides of the duel to your favor .Summoned Kristya to negete your reborn and that got me game . (You didnt set ryko in order to destroy my kristya ) .

Game2 - Did not summon Red-eyes Darkness metal dragon while i had an empty field . You unnecessarily waited one turn allowing me to draw orange and thus destroy it . Gorz Changed the game into your favor , Nicely done .

Game 3 - Veilering my Rai-oh was pointless . Should have killed my rai -oh with your monster before going into Bls , this could have changed the outcome of the game . Using allure of darkness while you had no darks was risky and Resulted in you losing your entire hand . Summoning Kristya and Hyperion sealed the game for me . Gg

Single : 0/5 ( loss)

Frognarcs vs Infernities

Single Deck Construction -14/20
Single Duel Performance - 12/15

Replays- xai_single.yrp

Construction -
Deck lacks Starlight road , its based off a heavy backrow and requires protection . I would suggest replacing some of the non essential monsters with Stygian street patrol as it helps relieve the hand from too many monsters .
Add in Infernity break For additional defense ( yes this is just as important as Barrier ) .
(Also Call of the haunted would not be a bad idea to abuse the effect of infernity archfiend , but thats just a personel preference .)
Extra deck is just sad , 3 Mist wurms are not required . I see you're running a mix of syncros and xyz's , in which case i'd suggest replacing 2x mist wurm with Stardust and catastor . 3x Zenaminies isnt wise either , Consider putting in Black corn and Acid golem instead , they might help in tough situations .

Performance -
You took the risk of Setting 3 cards without protection , but unfortunatly i managed to snag a heavy storm . Despite the idea of trying to rid your hand in infernities , dont confuse that with foolishly wasting resources.
Ladd managed to negete your archfiend top deck , nothing you could do after that than wait an inevitable defeat . Gg

Different Decks : 3/3
Attitude : 2/2

Grand Total 66 / 100

Congratulations , you've made it To Slifer Dorm .
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Team : N/A

Posts : 104

Duel Points : 13

Duel Record : 1-0-0

Level : 1
Dueling EXP :
5 / 1005 / 100

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PostSubject: Re: Test Results : Raged_kishin   Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:16 pm

I actually hot Huguet score than i thought i would make so many mistakes that i realised right after making it XD
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Team : N/A

Posts : 161

Duel Points : 1850

Duel Record : 2-0-1

Level : 1
Dueling EXP :
10 / 10010 / 100

Character sheet
Name: Sabriel
Deck: Malefic

PostSubject: Re: Test Results : Raged_kishin   Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:31 pm

DP awarded, dorm assigned, thread locked!


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Oh, that's just my gaydar. My father gave it to me to protect me because I'm so bloody effeminate.
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PostSubject: Re: Test Results : Raged_kishin   

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Test Results : Raged_kishin
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