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 retest results-ploxerdon

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Team : N/A

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PostSubject: retest results-ploxerdon   Fri May 03, 2013 12:36 am

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-x)

Deck cagethedarkmaster: Evilswarm
Deck ploxerdon: Chaos Zombiesworn

Match deck construction: 14/20
Match performance: 21/25

All the replays!

Game 1: No misplays. Not showing me your zombie aspect of the deck was a good choice, and gave you an advantage
unseen to the oppponent.
Game 2: Turn 1; I would have dropped lyla and used her to mill instead of using foolish burial for mezuki.
This telegraphed your strategy and gave me a chance to rethink my response early in game 2, negating the
advantage you gained in game 1. Turn 5, you switched to a defensive position prematurely and decided that
one of my face down cards must be mirror force. Ha, fooled you. Same for turn 7 and 9, bottomless trap hole
made you reconsider pressing your advantage, setting the stage for my turn 10 DAD drop that would eventually
whittle down your advantage and give me control of an otherwise hopeless game. Not a misplay, just something
noteable regarding player interaction. Turn 11 you summoned Utopia, knowing I had a dark material in my grave
to use on it, thus wasting a 3 card spread, and setting up your grave for chaos (ideally for you). Unfortunately,
this too was an unnecessary move, as both BLS and Chaos Sorcerer had been indisposed earlier in the duel.
Game 3: N/A


Your extra deck needs a little bit more work. I suggest replacing at least one Flamvell Uruquizas with
Gravity Warrior, to give you a strong level 6 synchro option that can really punish swarms. Steelswarm
Roach really isn't effective against many decks, mostly just yours, so better to replace it with Diamond Dire
Wolf or Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, so you have an extra removal option in my opinion. Good options in
there, just a little more suggestions to add to your arsenal.

Zombiesworn main deck is nice; it's a turbo mash style build, a style of play I'm quite fond of. I'd drop
the Card Destruction in favor of Dark Hole, but that's a style choice since darkworlds are banned from
testing. Nothing else of noteable concern for this deck. Very well built.

Side decking, I feel you missed a chance to really make the deck rock. You sided 2 maxx "c" and a
mirror force, neglecting to remove your treacherous trap hole, so you were banking on the lucky
instance that you might draw into treacherous first. Maxx "C" first of all, is a sub par side to
evilswarms because they can double summon and gain field presence without special summoning at all.
You timed your use of Maxx "C" well, however, and paid yourself dividends, netting a +2 off of it.
I would have preferred to see you rocking Effect Veilers in place of at least one Maxx "C" and
perhaps a Genex Ally Birdman or two to make your zombie masters more volatile, and facilitate
faster use of your rank 3 monsters or lv 5 summons. Another card that might have made your day
was Royal Decree, a common side for turbo-based decks, as it would have allowed you to push your
advantage in game 2.


Side decking was sub par, but your main deck more than made up for it, granting you easy
relief from my Ophions in both games. Dark Armed then came in and cleaned house.

SINGLE: 5/5 (Win)

Deck cagethedarkmaster: Six Samurai
Deck ploxerdon: Ninja Dragon Loop

Single Deck Construction: 19/20
Single Performance: 15/15


This is a definite improvement on your last test. You've switched up your style to focus
on Lightpulsar loop with Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. Safe Zone really helps pull the
combination together. You also have the deck's engine, the Ninja portion, more streamlined
and basic, so as to keep momentum. Switching out the art of transformation for super
transformation was a nice touch, and though you gave up the Simorgh lock to do so, this
yielded you a much more workable hand. The trap and spell ratio is perfect, the monsters
are correct, and Sazank is still in there, serving as your deck's deck master. A nice
out for Stardust Dragon for sure, and combos off with the super trans as well. Too bad
it didn't see play. You have 1 wasted extra deck slot (trident dragion with no stardust
dragon?) but it didn't affect your deck TOO much. Keep in mind though, that it's there,
stymying an otherwise perfect extra deck for the situation.


No mistakes, well-scouted plays (setting your bluff before your key cards, for instance) and
moving in for the kill at the perfect time. Well done, good sir!

Other Comments:

This time around, you played much more efficiently. You suffered a terrible loss to my
Evilswarms, but lost few points due to the fact that you made correct plays for every
situation. You earned this score, and I'm proud to be your teacher.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


Congratulations, you've earned your Ra Yellow title back, and made it
so close to Obelisk that you can taste it. Though turbo decks are amazing, it's usually best
to stay away from the builds for testing purposes due to the fact that they're easily countered.
Being able to stop special summons is a big priority for anyone facing your deck, couple that
with some cheap removal for your ryko, and you're toast. More than that, your extra and side
deck choices are what cost you Obelisk. You're just a few short points away from having an
optimal side deck (rule of thumb-side in 5-6 relevant cards or more for match mode) and extra
deck. This test showed a marked improvement in your Ninja deck, and your understanding of
the concept of an engine. I'm positive that with the notes I've given you here, and a
little luck, you'll hit Obelisk the next time you test!
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Team : N/A

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PostSubject: Re: retest results-ploxerdon   Fri May 03, 2013 12:45 am

awarded and locked
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retest results-ploxerdon
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