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 retest results-Archangel Uriel

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PostSubject: retest results-Archangel Uriel   Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:37 pm

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-x)

Deck ChrisG: Evilswarms
Deck Archangel Uriel: Gishki

Match deck construction: 12/20
Match performance: 12/25


Game 1: Turn 2 wasted compulsory, you knew I had Pandemic on the board, so it was an unnecessary play.
Game 2: No noteable misplays, just a bad matchup and not enough side decking to handle the matchup.
Game 3: N/A


You are tripling up on the little guys, but neglecting to give them true purpose in the extra or even the
main deck. In a build running 3 salvage, 2 of each would have sufficed, giving gishki beast just enough targets in
any given situation, and freeing up space for more backrow, or more of the gishki ritual monsters, as needed.
You chose not to use zeal gigas, and that's fine, considering you're not supposed to use an OTK variant, but I feel
you could have focused more on board control, which is possible even if you're unable to get your lv 5 and higher monsters
online right away. I really feel that compulsory at 3 is too much, better to drop it to 1 in this testing format and
go with 2 dimensional prison, or even forbidden chalice/lance. Chalice would have hit my ophion quite nicely, allowing you to
continue making your plays. It also gives you a bit more options against set monsters. Your xyz monsters show a variety of different
options, but a better option than lavalval chain might be to replace with Diamond Dire Wolf, as Lavalval Chain doesn't set up instant
wins in your deck, and you need that space to remove threats. This could also have affected my Ophion if it were an option to you.
I would also replace the Steelswarm Roach, possibly with another Ptolemys Messier 7, as it has direct synergy with your deck's
engine, allowing you to recur your Gishki for immediate re-use.


sided out 1 compulsory, 1 aquamirror cycle, and 1 evigishki tetrogre in favor of 3 prohibition. Unfortunately,
you never drew into them, so we'll never know how that would have affected the game. I do know I would have been
focusing on either using space typhoon or diamond dire wolf to take out prohibition early game, to free up the
Ophion summon, as it seems just one Ophion was enough to tap out your deck. I would have liked to see more from
your side deck to challenge my engine, but this is what you chose.

SINGLE: 0/5 (Invalidated)

Deck ChrisG: Six Samurai
Deck Archangel Uriel: Safe Zone Herald

Single Deck Construction: 0/20
Single Performance: 0/15


The deck looks good, I'd drop the 2 unnecessary heralds (purple and green) to even 40 the deck, in competition it would do
nicely, provided the opponent can't immediately answer your safe zone combo. Well played. However, for testing purposes,
you need to variate your playing style, so that you're dropping consistent threats to the board and keeping pressure on
the opponent at all times, so sitting behind your herald/safe zone combo is what ultimately cost you this test. Again,
extra deck choices are fine, you gave yourself a lot of options, but I'd drop the Roach in favor of something a little more
relevant. Roach only works on arbitrary summons, and doesn't really see a lot of use, so while it's effect is neat, putting
your monsters into making it is a bit of a wasted resource. Better to use, say, a Mist Wurm, which can be used to get out of
a lot of situations.


You played very conservatively, which is fine for a herald deck, but your use of the safe zone cost you big here. A smart thing
to do would be to leave Herald of Perfection in attack mode, as it's protected by safe zone from destruction, and simply out
flank me. Had you done that, I wouldn't have counted it as stall, but you defended with it as soon as you were able, and sat on it
to build up your hand. While this is a brilliant strategy, it's not condusive with the purposes of testing. You then used another
safe zone brilliantly to protect and force archlord kristya into play. This was one of your noteable genius moves, but again,
still heavily keyed on stall. Your playstyle, not the deck, is the problem. Your loss of score was due to the way you played your
deck, rather than the contents of your deck.

Other Comments:

Two very control-oriented decks capable of power plays. I think that if you refocus, you'll be able to take Ra or maybe even Obelisk
with these powerful decks.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2

[b]GRAND TOTAL: 29/100

Unfortunately, you will be remaining in Slifer Red dorm a little longer. You are Ra material, for sure, just focus on switching your playstyle from defensive control to aggressive control, and you'll do fine.
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Team : N/A

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PostSubject: Re: retest results-Archangel Uriel   Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:24 am

coulda sworn this was locked and confirmed before
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retest results-Archangel Uriel
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