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 Instant Retest Results-HieraticReaper

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Team : N/A

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Duel Record : 5-0-1

Level : 1
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25 / 10025 / 100

PostSubject: Instant Retest Results-HieraticReaper   Thu May 02, 2013 2:05 pm

MATCH: 5/10 (x-o-x)

Deck ChrisG: Chaos Agents
Deck HieraticReaper: Hieratics

Match deck construction: 14/20
Match performance: 22/25


All of the replays!

Game 1: Well done with the attack order on turn 3, you forced me to use trago now or never. I knew you weren't
going for the OTK, so I had to use trago before my life point window ended. I would have attacked with
Red Eyes last, however, in case the opponent has Gorz. Turn 6, you should have used Gauntlet Shooter to end
the duel. You would have won had you done so. Instead you misclicked and were stuck with exa beetle.
Game 2: Turn 3, should have attacked with Thunder King first, saving the bigger attack for after Gorz's
summon if possible. You would have gotten more damage through this way. Other than that, you took advantage
of my bad siding (I keep mistaking gozen match for rivalry of warlords lol)
Game 3: Turn 5, wasted forbidden lance simply to weaken my monster's damage. I wasn't moving in for the
kill, so best to keep that resource for a properly timed play. Turn 7, same advice. Terrible hand, you just
couldn't do anything in time to gain momentum. You did make a smart play bluffing your face downs.
Unfortunately, my playstyle isn't cautious.


Much better work on the main deck. I'd like to see you side the compulsory evac devices, making the deck an
even 40 (you don't need traps if you run decree, it's the trap to end all traps) but all in all a much
more structured build than before. Extra deck is very solid, giving you a lot of different options for
offense. 3 Cardcar is too much, though, and I'd prefer if you mained a veiler in place of one of the
cardcars, as well as replacing Gorz (with Decree in the deck, you risk him being stuck in the hand)

You sided in one Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror but kept in the decrees and compulsories, not exactly an
over-effective play. True, if it had come online, it would have shut down my darks, but the deck's
engine is my plays with Earth, Venus, and Hyperion, you would have done better to shut them down
further. You have Thunder King in the main deck at 2, but veiler would be nice here, as would a
few other noteable counters to this and a lot of other decks; suggestions are imperial iron
wall (stops hyperion completely and stops the chaos engine, is also effective against E-Dragons,
a huge weakness of your deck), Fiendish Chain (spring it after I pay the cost for Venus's effect,
to make me pay LP for no reason!), Rivalry of Warlords (not the best counter, but stops my
XYZ summons, as well as making for a good trap to spring on me when I play any non-fairy, such as
tour guide from the underworld, making me chump block for a turn instead of pushing momentum)
and that Koa'ki Meiru Drago you main decked the last time you tested! (seriously, Y U NO USE IT?!)
You're starting to see what side decking can do, and that's an improvement, now it's time to step
up your game and make a big side (5-6 cards that hurt common plays) so you can reclaim momentum!

You piloted the deck very well compared to our first encounter. It's clear that you've practiced the
control aspect of the deck, as well as the OTK combo very extensively, and were able to play the best
with the hands you got. Very good work!

SINGLE: 0/5 (Lose)

Deck ChrisG: Glad Fists
Deck HieraticReaper: Six Samurai

Single Deck Construction: 14/20
Single Performance: 11/15


This was the weaker of your two decks. First off, as usual, I'll note that you used over 40
cards in your main deck. This will always hurt consistency before it will afford you more
options. This deck will not likely play out to a deck out against a competitive deck, so 42
cards is taking an unnecessary risk. Elder of the Six is really only needed for a one time play,
either to get it's special summon effect, or to dig out with asceticism of the six samurai, and
dig out another kagemusha to give you 2 synchros in the same turn. There's really no further
need for him from then on, as he's inherently weak on his own. You also don't need more than one
Great Shogun Shien, he's a boss monster that has a difficult summoning requirement. You don't
want to draw him in a topdecking situation (which is what our duel came down to!) I'd replace them
with another Enishi (to make asceticism more playable, remember, you can use it on kageki, irou, or
enishi to summon the others!) and a Legendary Six Samurai-Mizuho, to not only reinforce your
asceticism, but to compliment your Hand of the Six. That said, I'd prefer you replace one hand of the
six with a copy of shien's squire (any lv 4 sam+dojo=instant lv 5 summon!) but that's just a style

Your extra deck is what mainly cost you points here. Doubling up on monsters that don't really afford
you much security like Gaia Knight and Scarred Warrior. Due to the destruction swap abilities of
six samurai, one Scarred Warrior is optimal, and the lock is unnecessary. I'd replace one of each
of those with 1 Catastor for removal, and 1 blade armor ninja for tech. Naturia Landoise is a good
monster, but in a deck that has trouble maintaining hand advantage and USES all of it's spells
right away, you'd be better served replacing him with an Excalibur to get over the big threats, or
pre-empt the monster effects altogether with Shock Master. Your call. I like that you use
Driven Daredevil, it's a good tech, though most players prefer the standards. I'm not trying to change
your playstyle, however, just suggesting good removal options. On that note, Gandiva, Maestroke, Abyss
Dweller, and Zubaba Knight are just a few additional cards to consider, as you see fit. Well done
with this deck, and I hope to see you further develop it into a legendary toolbox!


Turn 2, you should have used elder's special summon ability instead, so you didn't waste your normal summon,
but I'm not going to dock you points for that since I had heavy backrow for you to consider. Turn 5, however,
I would like to point out as it's very important. You should have used your double edged sword technique,
because although you would have taken damage, you would have protected your shi en from destruction, either
by kagemusha's effect (simultaneously preventing some of your damage and protecting shi en) or protected him
completely at the cost of only 800 life points. THAT, I will dock you for. Other than that, well played.

Other Comments:

You have definitely improved, learning your deck's engine. I like the main deck. Your hieratics are very
well built, indeed.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2

[b]GRAND TOTAL: 71/100

Congratulations! Pack your things and move up to the Ra Yellow dorm! I'm proud of you,
you've displayed your cohesion with your decks, and hard work has given you the points you need. A little more
attention to detail will yield you less misplays, and ideally, be the driving force that pushes you all the way
to Obelisk!
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Team : Dark Fiora

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Level : 1
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30 / 10030 / 100

Character sheet
Name: HieraticReaper
Deck: Hieratics

PostSubject: Re: Instant Retest Results-HieraticReaper   Thu May 02, 2013 2:14 pm

Thank you very much (: One more step to Obelisk Blue. So we can be on the same level xD
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Team : N/A

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10 / 10010 / 100

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Name: Cage Torrent
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PostSubject: Re: Instant Retest Results-HieraticReaper   Fri May 03, 2013 12:44 am

awarded and locked
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Team : Trojan

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PostSubject: Re: Instant Retest Results-HieraticReaper   Fri May 03, 2013 1:39 am

Guys don't forget the rank image when you put someone in a dorm or lock the thread


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PostSubject: Re: Instant Retest Results-HieraticReaper   

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Instant Retest Results-HieraticReaper
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