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 Dorm Test - Yarintheslayer

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Name: Rick
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PostSubject: Dorm Test - Yarintheslayer   Sat Apr 20, 2013 11:52 am

Single: 5/5
Frognarchs vs Spirit Fist

Single Deck Construction : 11/20
SinglePerformance : 10/15

Construction -
You are running some subpar choices in your main deck such as hawkei. You should have made-up for the lack of your power card tenki with some more powerful backrows such as torrentials, mirror forces, and the like. You tried to mix together lvl 4 fire-fists with spirit fists and they just don't mend well. But you won so I can't criticize too much.

Performance -
I actually can BARELY evaluate your performance at all except that you know what spirit and tenki look like together. I was physically unable to play against you because I opened 3 raiza 1 veiler 1 econ then drew LADD. I had to set econ and veiler hoping to survive and you played gyoko and that was that. GG though and you executed your plays within a reasonable manner.

Match : 0/10 ( x-x-N/A)

Blackwings vs Ice-Barrier Control

Match Deck Construction - 9/20
Match Performance - 12/25

Construction -
While the deck was definitely cool, there are some criticisms I have to it. While Gantala creates alot of field presence, the deck's core strategy is not strong enough to cut dark hole as you need all the power cards you can get. While Shock and swap is a cool combo, it is unnecessary. What I noticed from your deck is that it is too focused on abusing your cards once you have been setup. Because of this you don't have the adequate deck dedication to setup your plays consistently. I feel that the deck could have benefited more from cards like card trooper that could abuse your call of the haunted as well as setup your graveyard with gantalas. I feel as if you have put alot of work and dedication into this deck, but I don't think it's ready for competitive play yet.

Performance -
You played the deck very linearly as the deck didn't give you many options due to your poor hands. You made some siding mistakes and when you set a dead call and a shadow-imp vs Blackwings that run icarus attack you set yourself up for disaster. Other than that I can't say too much.
Game 1- I controlled the game with zephyros and icarus attack. You just weren't able to get established due to the answers that I had for your plays.
Game 2- I controlled the game with bora and kept hitting you until I baited out your torri and summone blizzard drop kalut for game. You made some misplays with your traps but you didnt open well regardless.

Different Decks : 3/3

Attitude : 2/2

Grand Total : 57/100

Your Result: SLIFER RED

Sorry but you'll be staying in Slifer Red. Better luck next time! Smile

ALL REPLAYS: sendspace.com/filegroup/vwzMztjXWcWmy6OsAk1xsiBSGN%2BgY0Kj


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Dorm Test - Yarintheslayer
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