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 Dorm Test Results - yarintheslayer

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PostSubject: Dorm Test Results - yarintheslayer   Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:31 am

Chaos Machines (Tester) Vs. Ice Barrier (Testee)

Lost match x-x-x = 0 points

Match Deck Construction: 19/25

Very impressed with this deck, the concept, and how u maintain that field pressence by very good use of your grave. That being said there is room for improvement. You have a few random single cards which tbh aren't needed and can be seen as dead draws. Pilgrim, Medium and Dai-Sojo are not needed imo. I would say bump strategiest up to 3. Main decking mind crush I would say isn't too great of an idea. I'm guessing you main them coz of the spiritual water arts which does go hand in ahnd with it but it is a very situational combo. I would say give them deck a bit of a trap line up such as + 2bottomless trap hole and a second TT in the main deck. Due to the low trap line up I would also advice main deck two effect veilers, but thats just a personal suggestion. Overall a very good deck, just needs to be refined a little. Remember more copies of a card if generally better than 1 offs. Love how you use Creature Swap with Tidal, very nice. Extra deck was disappointing and really let u down here. - 1 Acid Golem - 1 Gungnir - 1 Armades... and lets be realistic, Amor Kappa will not see day light in that deck so - 1 Armor Kappa too. + 1-2 Abyssgaios + 1 Phantombeast Plane Drago-Sack + 1 Maestroke + 1 Blackship of Corn.

Match Duel Performance: 16/25

Game 1: Turn 12 you drew a dead ice barrier and did not use the effect of strategiest. After this u could have baited out a face down by summoning 1 of the 2 Tidals u had in hand. Turn 15 you should have summoned a Tidal first before summoning Prior to bait out my traps. I eventually topped rabbit and regained control of the game shortly after and sealed the win by MST'ing your COTH.

Game 2: Using Big Eye on a Machina Fortress is always a dangerous move and one that should be avoided... This led to you setting the rest of your entire hand, including Dark Hole which you should have used before activating surface. In the end it got hit by an MST. Bad call here. You eventually ran out of resources and could not get back into the game. I eventually dropped Scrap Dragon and BLS and lets leave it at that lol.

Thunders (Tester) Vs. Fire Fist (Testee)

Lost SIngle = 0 Points

Single Deck Construction: 15/20

3 Kyokko is too much in my opinion.. Cut 1 and + 1 Mst, I have found that works well as the card is searchable. Tenkken isn't a GREAT card its okay if you ask me so running 1 is fine, no need for 2 but thats a personal opinion. The main problem was the lack of panthers. Tenki is a limited in dorm tests so 2-3 panthers would be ideal to make up for the missing Tenkis. It adds more consistency. I would make room for more traps in the deck such as 2 prison and 2 compulse. Cut 1 Horse prince from your extra deck and + 1 Sirius (this gives u access to both virus cards which you can side deck) and cut the Photon coz lets be honest you will barely summon it so + 1 blackship of corn or gagaga cowboy.

Single Duel Performance: 8/15

Yor hand woulda been very playable if it had not been for my 1st turn Rai-Oh which pretty much shut you down. I over powered you early on and by the time Rai-Oh left the field it was a little too late, you were not coming back as you had used up all your resources.

Different Decks: 3/3

Overall Attitude: 2/2

Total: 63/100

Replays: sendspace.com/filegroup/xQLBS9%2F7wmu9%2Fgw9yfdjZduYmAdvK1F5

You will be aasigned to ---> Slifer Red! Good luck with your next test!
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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test Results - yarintheslayer   Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:35 am

Locked & Dorm Assigned!
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Dorm Test Results - yarintheslayer
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