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 Dorm Test - Iceblade

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PostSubject: Dorm Test - Iceblade   Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:37 am

GAME 1: sendspace.com ybjvbp
GAME 2: sendspace.com cfzswb
GAME 3: sendspace.com d1v69n

SINGLE GAME: sendspace.com ipyy40

MATCH: Tester - Decay Zombie
Testee - Gravekeeper

lost match o-x-x= 4 points

Match deck contruction: 10/20
Match Performance: 14/25

Construction comments:

N.B. I ran only 12 cards in extra deck as I updated and it didn't save my changes - I was struggling as I mentioned to Iceblade as I had no rank 4 targets which I needed.

Quite an interesting build and take on gravekeepers, some cards I can see have potential but others I do not really see working within a gravekeeper build. Starting with your extra deck, first of all you should be running 15 in your extra deck and not 14 no question because trust me you need all the space you can get! I feel you run far too many synchros with some which appear irrelevant. You only run 2 tuners in your deck and your focus for a gravekeeper deck should primarily be on as many rank 4 xyz as possible. Zenmaister is ok, although you should be looking to a wider range of rank 4s because you need something for every deck.
Stuff like Blackship of Corn and Photon Pap, along with Djinn and even Diagusto are a must in gravekeepers as rank 4s are so easy to make with Spy seeking another level 4. You should also look to OCG new rank 4s such as Number 60: Beetle which effect will act as protection and is a decent beater. Some of the synchros are very unlikely to appear within this deck such as the level 8s (although if you wish it is still probably an idea to have 1 or 2 feature just in case you do manage) and above as well as Armory Arm. Arcanite Magician and Tempest Magician are fine and should feature in a gravekeeper side deck definately but not with the tuners you choose to main unfortunately.

Your main deck I felt lacked diversity and as much depth as I would hope to see a gravekeeper build have, you do not run Recruiter at all which is a must and so you lack the Gravekeeper engine in order to make your plays better. I felt you ran too many irrelevant monster cards such as Priestess and the 3 tuners (Uknown Snychron, Blackwing Gale and Plaguespreader). Unknown Synchron was dead in your hand on the first game when you drew him. These 3 tuners need to be replaced with something which would aid the deck such as Genex Birdman which you could combo with spy to give you your Arcanite Magician. I did not see much use of the extra deck except when you sided in those 2 Recruiter in game 3, you probably could have made better use of it to try to give you a better advantage.

I would suggest reducing Visionary to 1 and taking out cards which are not part of the Gravekeeper core. You should have 3x Descendant, 3x Spy, 3x Recruiter, 1x Assailant and 1x Gaurd definately in this deck (although you did side in 2 Recruiter game 3 it was too little too late, they should always be there). All other cards merely act as fillers and you just want stuff to reinforce this. Other cards in the deck seemed quite random like the Deep Dark Trap Hole which you strangely have one of. Cards such as Genex Birdman (mentioned above) as well as other cards like Magical Dimension could help you to build this decks strength up as at the moment it is undermined by cards seemingly randomly thrown in to fill the place of banned cards.

You just need to go through the deck again and see what was working and what wasn't, also look to google to aid you doing this as there are lots of decklists posted up on there.

Match Breakdown

Game 1:
A good start for you as you manage to take field advantage with your necro valley and stop me from using my effects. You counter well with your sets using BTH on my Zombie Master, however I eventually get out Leviar to gain my Zombie master and retake the field advantage. Running into the set spy aided you and halted me a turn, however I still had the edge with my Decay. Turn 12 you manage to turn things drammatically around however as you go for Spy effect to get Assailant and normal summon a Descendant to pop my Decay and go for game.

Game 2:
This game was much more evenly matched, with lots of defensive plays from both sides. You bring out Visionary turn 4 but it costs you 4000lp as you negate BTH with a Judgment, I feel this may have been what caused you game. I manage to bring out Mist Wurm in my turn to try take field advantage but your set Rite of Spirit ends up turning matters into your favour. You attack for damage but with 2 Tragoedias in hand you now find yourself struggling to get over them. I pop your Visionary and you are left having to set. I try give you a couple of turns to come back but you are unable to and I take the game.

Game 3:
The decider and you start strongly setting a Recruiter you sided in. You summon Visionary and attack but I counter with a BTH. Summoning Decay with 4000LP in turn 6 gives me a massive advantage. You top Dark Hole out of sheer luck but I am able to re-consolidate my field without too many difficulties. You do not have the cards in the hand needed to make a counter play and I manage to take your hand advantage down with continous Reaper attacks. Your gaurd and Spy stalled you a few turns and it is a long run process trying to run down your field advantage.I believe you missplayed greatly turn 19 when you summon that Zenmaister, especially when you had no cards in hand and I had 3 sets. I would have managed to take the game anyway in my next turn as you only had 1800LP left.

SINGLE: Tester: Machina Gadgets
Testee: Prophecy Counters

Lost Single: 0/5

Single deck construction: 8/20
Single performance: 7/15

Construction Comments:
Again you only ran 14 cards in your extra deck, you should always run 15! There are again far too many synchros in this deck with only 1 tuner monster! This makes it severely imbalanced and takes up precious space which you could use for XYZ targets which you need to spread diversly to cover any kind of deck you may come up against. It seemed you just copied the extra deck from the other deck you were running and pasted it across adding a few different XYZ targets for your prophecy. You need to have a more balanced construction and adopt cards which will help you.

Your main deck is quite puzzling. I usually would give advice on which cards work and which cards don't but what I think is better in this is just to say that you should completely rethink the whole deck structure. I kind of understand what you are trying to go for with the counters but it is just so baffling as you run so many different cards. I would strongly suggest to go back to basics and adopt a specific pathway to one deck because it just seemed so inconsistent in the single and you did not top at all well - even in the first game which ended due to connection problems. You need cards which will reinforce eachother, and not that would just be randomly in your hand for use at a specific time.

Game Breakdown:
You missplay bottomless I felt in turn 1 on my gearframe and should have saved it if/when I summoned Machina Fortress which I added to my hand, you manage to counter 1 Fortress with a solemn but the second one is free because you have no sets left. You drew quite badly and this forced you to make the decision to give up in turn 3 giving me the win.

Different Deck: 3/3
Attitude: 1/2 - You rage quit / just gave up without even attempting a comeback in the game, even though your hand was poor you should have at least try bluff some sets to gain an extra turn, never know what you might have topped!


You will be joining Slifer dorm!

Other comments: Don't ever give up in a game! Also look to focusing your decks in to reinforcing the main archetype of the deck and not using so many different ones and try sticking them all together which leads to inconsistency (especially as you found in the single)!


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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test - Iceblade   Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:40 pm

Assigned and locked. Mono needs his points still
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Dorm Test - Iceblade
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