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 Dueling Art Online (Sign-Up/rules)

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Kayaba Akihiko

Kayaba Akihiko

Dueling Art Online (Sign-Up/rules)  M2P2dgk

Team : N/A

Posts : 45

Duel Points : 100000

Duel Record : 1000-0-1

Level : 100
Dueling EXP :
Dueling Art Online (Sign-Up/rules)  Left_bar_bleue100 / 100100 / 100Dueling Art Online (Sign-Up/rules)  Right_bar_bleue

Dueling Art Online (Sign-Up/rules)  Empty
PostSubject: Dueling Art Online (Sign-Up/rules)    Dueling Art Online (Sign-Up/rules)  EmptyThu May 02, 2013 8:32 am

Dueling Art Online (Sign-Up/rules)  Dao
Banned Staple Spoiler

To Sign Up for DAO complete your character sheet
Reply here mentioning your character sheet is complete
Wait for confirmation

Current Players Signed in
Amelia_Wink - Rosemelia
Varandune - Rick
Eatos - Overlord Zedd
Shubz - Rafial (KIA)
Salik - Kane
dam1 - dam1
Fatz - Fatz
monoman01 - Sabriel
Archangel Uriel - Uriel Dies Solariae
nobaddays - Jon
ploxerdon - Susuke Imatichi
Aang - Atvara Naga
iffritman56 - Tenebris
Volc - Erika
Zacky - Death
JadenYuki12 - Ganta Cage
ReaperXGP - Cage Torrent
Nuthis - Nuthis
Varod - Varod Gitlher
DatShinjiGuy - Ryota Yokimura

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Dueling Art Online (Sign-Up/rules)
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