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 Dorm Test Results-gunsmaker

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Team : N/A

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Duel Record : 5-0-1

Level : 1
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25 / 10025 / 100

PostSubject: Dorm Test Results-gunsmaker   Sat May 04, 2013 3:50 pm

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-x)

Deck cagethedarkmaster: Blackwing Vayu Turbo
Deck gunsmaker: Blue Eyes Empress

Match deck construction: 17/20
Match performance: 17/25


All the replays!

Game 1: Turn 5, you veiler'd my Sylphine too early. When dealing with XYZ, it's best to
let them activate the effect first, paying the cost, so they have one less overlay
unit to work with. You also used Book of Moon on my Armor Master, when you should have
hit my Sylphine I had just summoned, in order to reduce the damage you take. The game
was over, but this is still an important play to note. Don't book of moon a monster
that is capable of flip summoning in the same phase.
Game 2: Turn 3, should have Dark Hole'd the Field, and Heavy Stormed as well, before going after
your one-for-one. True, this would have affected your Kaiser Colloseum, but wasting a
white stone of legend while Thunder King Raioh is out isn't a brilliant play either.
Afterwards, your deck stopped giving you relevant monsters and you were worn down.
Game 3: N/A


The main deck is pretty nice. I'm liking the way you use your level 1 monsters. The only
issue I have with the deck is your lack of protection. Rather than maining 2 effect
veilers (unnecessary in match mode), I'd go with perhaps a set of 2 trap stun to shut
down the opponent's traps, or at the very least Mirror Force to give you the ability
to punish overextension. Gorz in mind, I'd still go with Mirror Force. Monster Slots
doesn't need to be in the deck at all, it doesn't afford you much advantage and is
not only cumbersome to use, but you also have no engine to retrieve banished monsters.
I'd replace these with Mystic Piper, since you're already running mostly level 1
monsters, and this combos well with Kinka-Byo. I'd also replace Burst Stream of
Destruction in favor of a Terraforming, but that's a personal preference. Teching
in 3 Kaiser Colloseum was nice, but in the future, I'd prefer to see you side less
than 3 of them, and try to side 2-3 different, relevant cards based on your matchup.


I really think this deck would benefit from Kinky Piper, a more consistent draw engine than
the Monster Slots you are favoring at this time. It also opens up the potential for Chaos
plays, and Meklord Emperor Wisel Infinity, a boss monster for the level 1 set. Unfortunately,
despite the deck's solid flow, you ran into a snag, drawing mostly defensive plays, and
not being able to dig into the blue eyes portion of the deck. I really feel that luck
didn't favor this unique, strong build. Your misplays added to the problem, as well.

SINGLE: 5/5 (Win)

Deck cagethedarkmaster: Glad Fists
Deck gunsmaker: Rank up Chaos!

Single Deck Construction: 19/20
Single Performance: 15/15


The only, single issue I have with your build is running Rescue Rabbit with only 1 viable target
in the deck, that being 3 copies of Evilswarm Heliotrope. Odds are heavily for you drawing
at least one of your vanillas in the opening hands, and if you don't get rabbit early, you're
likely to draw another before you get to it, making Rabbit dead in your hand. I'd run 2 more
vanillas. Your extra deck has a nice ratio of chaos exceeds to regular exceeds to compliment
your strategy, but bear in mind that you need problem solvers in a single match to handle


You got Kaiser Colloseum and Kingremlin online fast, with a 1000 point boost to Kingremlin!
meanwhile, since I wasn't drawing my Fire Arts, so I simply couldn't get over your huge
boss monster. I tried to force you to overextend, but you didn't, and kept just enough
pressure on to give you momentum until I attempted a rabbit play, which you veiled.
Maestroke stopped Kingremlin's boost finally, but then you started chaos exceeding
and I could do nothing! Well played.

Other Comments:

These aren't your typical decks, and deserve unique names as such, in my opinion. I hope you
like the names I gave them, as I feel that they deserve special mention. Well built, and
it was an honor dueling such a talented duelist.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2

[b]GRAND TOTAL: 78/100

Congratulations! you will be placed in Ra Yellow dorm. You've
demonstrated mastery of your deck's engines, now it is time for you to work on making
those few, legendary tweaks that make your deck explode with consistency. I've scored
some players higher, but I have to say, yours is the most dynamic set of decks I've
faced yet. Had you won with your Blue Eyes build, you would have been right at
Obelisk. I have no doubt that you'll be able to make the transition.
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Team : N/A

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Duel Record : 2-0-5

Level : 1
Dueling EXP :
10 / 10010 / 100

Character sheet
Name: Cage Torrent
Deck: Water Delight

PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test Results-gunsmaker   Sat May 04, 2013 3:56 pm

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Dorm Test Results-gunsmaker
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