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 VylonGirl Test Results

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PostSubject: VylonGirl Test Results   Wed May 01, 2013 6:20 am

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-x)

Deck ChrisG: Chaos Agents
Deck VylonGirl: Vylon Assault Mode

Match deck construction: 12/20
Match performance: 10/25


All of the replays!

Game 1: Turn 8; wasted United We Stand on a monster you knew you were going to lose.
In the same turn, the game ended when you summoned Marshmallon to try to block my
advance, neglecting your low life points and costing you the duel.
Game 2: Turn 5; could have used Megamorph to lower my Hyperion's attack, though
Honest would have won me the game anyways.
Game 3: N/A


This deck is interesting. Not your typical Vylon type synchro deck. Most people
play the hunder version, using the vylon prism to superpower the synchros. That
said, this build is more of a Vylon deck, crippled by it's heavy use of equips.
Using Tryce in this deck is ok, but the idea is to equip it to Vylon Sigma by
it's effect, bypassing the cost to activate it, as well as the inherent cost
to play the equip in the first place (-1 your hand every time you play any
equip, think about it.) You might consider focusing more on the use of Vylon
Prism, and couple that with the mage powers and united we stands, dropping
all of the other equips, as tryce has a cost that must be paid if you draw
into it, and the other cards are for vylons only, which makes them situational.

The trap lineup leaves a bit to be desired. You have a single mirror force, and
two bottomless trap hole, to defend yourself from monsters. The rest of your
traps include 2 assault mode activate, a Starlight Road, a tuner's scheme,
and an ordeal of traveler. I'd drop the tuner's scheme due to it's being very
situational (most of the top tier decks don't even run synchros anymore, or
run very few) and ordeal of a traveler, which is also very difficult for your
deck, as you don't maintain enough hand advantage necessary to facilitate it's
usefullness (your hand becomes predictable if it's lower over time) to fit in
the solemn brigade, so you can push back the opponent's offense more effectively.

Your extra deck is very Synchro-centric. I'd like to see a little bit more
variation in the use of xyz monsters, and a little bit less of the Vylon
Synchros, as most of them aren't easy and fast to summon. That's a preference,
but you should consider carefully which synchros are actually problem solvers,
rather than just monsters that fit your archetype. You lack some of the toolbox
options that xyz has to offer to any duelist, including: Diamond Dire Wolf,
Gagaga Cowboy, Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, Abyss Dweller, just to name a few.

You also didn't use a side deck at all, and I feel you missed out on an opportunity
to disrupt my plays. Agents are typically stopped with Dimensional Fissure and a
switch of tactics from synchro useage to xyz, as overlayed monsters go to the grave
instead of banishing.


Not using the side deck really cost you in both categories, as it shows that you
either don't understand the use of the side deck, or are unprepared against the
meta game, a fatal mistake going into a match duel. Research carefully the top
tier decks to set up a 15 card side deck to adjust your main deck so you can
disrupt the engine of any deck you come across. That's key to match dueling.

SINGLE: 0/5 (Lose, Invalidated)

Deck ChrisG: Glad Fists
Deck VylonGirl: Cyber Geartown OTK

Single Deck Construction: 0/20
Single Performance: 0/15


Test invalidated due to OTK deck variant (next time, don't use Power Bond. It
directly declares intent to OTK)


Test invalidated due to OTK deck variant

Other Comments:

even without the deck being an OTK variant, I would have scored you low because
the deck was clogged with unnecessary cards. You need to focus on making sure
you have enough traps to use as removal for common plays, rather than just
cards to stave off attacks. It's generally ineffective to have one time
attack blocks when you know you'll be attacked multiple times in a turn,
every turn. Try to pre-empt the battle by removing the monsters from the board
before they can do any damage.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2

[b]GRAND TOTAL: 27/100

You will be placed in the Slifer Red dorm. Spend some time on your
decks, re-vamp how you respond to the opponent's plays, and try to build your deck maximizing
the plays that give you positive hand advantage as well as field presence, or at the very least,
give you field presence without costing you much in your hand. Also, research your decks to find
out what engine you need to incorporate in order to make the decks give you consistent hands. Build
your deck around maximizing the effectiveness of your engine and you'll find it much easier to gain
control of a match. Do not neglect side decking either, as it is crucial to match mode dueling.
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PostSubject: Re: VylonGirl Test Results   Wed May 01, 2013 6:28 am

Awarded and Locked
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VylonGirl Test Results
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