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 Turbo Duel Tourny

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Team : N/A

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Duel Record : 2-0-5

Level : 1
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10 / 10010 / 100

Character sheet
Name: Cage Torrent
Deck: Water Delight

PostSubject: Turbo Duel Tourny   Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:13 am

Just as the title says. If need be ill pay the dp needed to host it up. But the idea just came up and it sounds like a nice idea.

Essentually it would consist of the current banlist monster wise.
more than likely be no xyz monsters or no ocg cards to help balance out the style.
with the chat and the forum more active than ever it might be a good driving force to help
us as a group grow bigger.

Plus if allowed to id be more than willing to help have this tourny uploaded onto youtube with commentary and play by plays or w/e we find works best for views.
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Team : Trojan

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Duel Record : 3-0-1

Level : 1
Dueling EXP :
15 / 10015 / 100

Character sheet
Name: Rafial
Deck: Dragon Slayer

PostSubject: Re: Turbo Duel Tourny   Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:19 am

Sounds like a great idea, if you post in the main shop im sure Time Wizard will be happy to pay for you Wink


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Turbo Duel Tourny
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