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 Dorm Test - Nessiah

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PostSubject: Dorm Test - Nessiah   Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:49 am

GAME 1: sendspace.com ivjju6
GAME 2: sendspace.com 1xx4fa
GAME 3: sendspace.com pk9m0j

SINGLE GAME: sendspace.com m5037c

MATCH: Tester - Gravekeepers
Testee - Sea Lancer Frogs

lost match o-x-x= 4 points

Match deck contruction: 17/20
Match Performance: 20/25

Construction comments:

Solid build, my only comments with the main deck concern consistency and defense but otherwise a good all rounded deck.
Starting with your extra deck - just a couple of comments, you should always be running 15 cards in extra no matter if it is very unlikely that you will use any of these cards. You only run 1 rank 5 and I suggest making use of the extra cards and putting another rank 5 monster as it is not inconceivable for you to get out 2 level 5 xyz in a game with the Tradoedias and the Sea Lancers in your main deck. A nice diverse use of rank 2s and nice to see a couple of rank 1s in there as well. You could have incoporated the side deck earlier (game 2) to give you Jinzo to try stop my traps which caused problems for you and I think you missed out on this chance.

Moving on to the main deck, the only concern I had was defense wise. You do not run any swift scare-crow or battle fader. I realise that this is not the Monarch build but you must have some defense if you are going to keep bouncing the Swap Frogs back. I think that Gorz and Tragoedia alone are insufficient and would look to using other cards as well. Battle Fader for example would aid you as it will protect your lifepoints and it can combo with Creature Swap. Maybe take out a maxx "C" as you run 3 of them. Apart from the lack of defense all in all a solid build.

Match Breakdown

Game 1:
You manage to bring out LADD turn 3 which i counter with a Solemn Warning, you attack into my facedown Spy with Swap Frog enabling to me to gain some field advantage bringing Recruiter to the field. I go on the offensive with Descendant and Recruiter combo dealing out damage and bring a Necrovalley to field locking your grave. In your turn you draw another LADD but opt to go for the Sea Lancer play giving you a 2300 beatstick enabling you to get over descendant. The next few turns see you gaining hand advantage with Maxx "C" and the draw effects of your frogs. You drop Tragoedia in turn 9 enables you to overcome my advantage. Using Enemy Controller on my Utopia you summon LADD and attack for game.

Game 2:
You didnt use your side deck so I cannot comment on this, I go first and the sided mind crush causes you problems in my turn. You summon Gachi Gachi turn 2 but I counter with compulsory. Creature Swap turn 5 with your Effect Veiler and my Descendant leaves me setting Recruiters with you continuously on the attack. You draw dead and I deal damage with Assailant but you repond with Tragoedia. Turn 12 you try bring out LADD but 2 BTH banishes it. In desperation you use Dark Hole and end. However with only 2200 LP left I manage to bringout Dark Armed Dragon and Recruiter to seal the game

Game 3:
Nice to see use of sidedeck finally to bring Fire Dance Longsword and Jinzo into your main deck to try get over the use of my trap cards but they never see play in the game. You set RoninToadin turn 1. In my turn I fail to use Mind Crush and end up -1 from my hand. You try use Enemy Controller on my Assailant but I combo with Compulsory Evac and you go into Shining Angel to deal damage. However I gain field advantage quickly with a set Spy. Turn 8 was your downfall. With 100LP left and having seen your hand knowing you had a Veiler I try and succeed in bluffing Descendant effect to pop your facedown which you stop with Veiler. My set solemn stops you using Enemey Controller on my xyz summon of Gagaga Cowboy and I clench the game.

SINGLE: Tester: Hunder Watts
Testee: Evigishki Zeal Gigas (Gishki OTK/FTK!!)

Invalidated - I found this was too close to being an FTK/OTK deck (as the build is very similar to one which is FTK/OTK) and so classed falling under the banned decks/cards

Won Single: 5/5

Single deck construction: 0/20 (would have been 17/20)
Single performance: 0/15 (would have been 13/15)

Construction Comments:
Nice to see a full extra deck, with lots of diverse rank 4 options and a few rank 3 options 2. The main deck was too similar to an FTK/OTK build for my liking, hence why the single test was invalidated. You have a random Metaion floating in the deck which you could probably replace with Moulinglacia, especially with your ability to add and minus water monsters from your deck with Mirror and also Salvage. You seem to like running Maxx "C" at 3 but I think this is far too extensive - one at most in a main deck to save room for other cards needed and then side the others to bring in if you come against a deck which heavily special summons.

Game Breakdown:
A missplay of summoning Roach in my turn gives you the early advantage. Your drew extremely well and were able to take complete field advantage turn 3. I could not come back and you manage to seal the game with ease.

Different Deck: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be joining Slifer Dorm (though you probably have been edging on Obby if you had not used a banned deck)!

Other comments:
Next time try to steer clear of decks in the gray zone of what is classed as banned and accepted, look to refine your decks just that little bit more and add stuff which would act as support to the deck.


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Dorm Test - Nessiah
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