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 lilking123 test results

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Team : N/A

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PostSubject: lilking123 test results   Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:35 am

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-x)

Deck ChrisG: Chaos Agents
Deck lilking123: Shark

Match deck construction: 8/20
Match performance: 10/25

All of the replays!

Game 1: Turn 2; using Monster Reborn after I hit you was foolish, all it did was
give me another maxx "C" draw. You had Dark Hole in hand, and considering that
the rules forbid OTK decks, I wasn't about to beat you in the next turn, so you
could have flushed away any advantage I gained, without giving me more draws, if
you had just ended your turn right then and there.
Game 2: Overextended your backrow with no way to protect against mass removal. This
resulted in a +3 when I used Heavy Storm.
Game 3: N/A


The deck is lacking in staples as well as in consistency. You have put in
cards to fit the shark archetype, but neglected to stick to a theme. Using
one Lemuria and one Umiiruka, the deck looks to me like you haven't yet
decided what direction to go with this shark deck just yet. Not exactly
an ideal setup for a test. Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon are
missing from the main deck, and your extra deck needs filling out. I
suggest focusing on the abuse of Lemuria, to access high rank exceeds,
as well as abuse the exceeds you are already using. Dyson Sphere and
Drago Sack are the key elements to a successful Lemuria build, but
that's something you'll have to research and tinker with.


You managed to summon almost all of your xyz monsters in your extra deck, to
absolutely no effect against me, proving that while they are nice, the deck
is clearly lacking in terms of a win condition or problem solvers, both in
the main and the extra deck. You showed off some nice combos, and I commend you
for your follow-through, but it's best to note that you're interacting with an
opponent who's trying to take you down, and plan your moves accordingly, not
spending cards for obvious losses in card advantage.

SINGLE: 0/5 (Lose)

Deck ChrisG: Glad Fists
Deck lilking123: T.G.

Single Deck Construction: 9/20
Single Performance: 12/15


Again, your extra deck needs filling out. You have plenty of room for Black Rose
Dragon, Mist Wurm, Stardust Dragon, and a plethora of XYZ monsters, so why not
use it? The extra deck is a toolbox for you to use when your deck's usual plays don't
handle a situation. Not using it is crippling your plays. This deck has almost the
exact same issue as your other, with a noteable difference; you're using cards
that just don't see play in competition because they afford no advantage and cost
too much. Lightning Vortex is one such card, costing you -2 from your hand to
clear the board of all face up monsters the opponent controls. The -2 should be
carefully considered when you choose which decks to put this in. Since you're
not running a burn deck, Dimension Wall doesn't need to be in the deck, because
much like Magical Cylinder, it's a -1 in the hand for a card that doesn't either
kill NOR generate advantage. Dark Bribe is also rarely used because it gives
the opposing player hand advantage, which in this format is deadly. Nutrient Z
is a terribly situational card that is only used when you're already losing, and
by a lot. I'd rather see you use some removal and get that big, 3000 attack monster
off of the field, than see you gain life points because he dealt you damage.


Despite the deck's inherent weaknesses, you pilot it with a degree of consistency.
I do feel that you made mistakes in adding t.g. cyber magician to your hand (instead
of Jet Falcon) in turn 6, and you wasted your destruct potion on a face down monster
in turn 19, as well as wasted your dark bribe on my tensu (I had no hand, how was
I going to summon another monster?)

Other Comments:

It's clear that you build decks for fun use, and they really ARE fun decks. For testing
purposes, I suggest using serious decks, that you feel most comfortable with, that have
a wide array of answers to top tier decks, and a well-constructed engine.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2

[b]GRAND TOTAL: 44/100

You will be placed in the Slifer Red dorm. Work on completing your
decks and I hope that you will grow as a duelist and try again for a higher rank.
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Team : N/A

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Level : 1
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10 / 10010 / 100

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PostSubject: Re: lilking123 test results   Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:53 am

awarded and locked


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lilking123 test results
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