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 Dorm Test Results-HieraticReaper

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PostSubject: Dorm Test Results-HieraticReaper   Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:25 am

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-N/A)

Deck ChrisG: EvilSwarms
Deck HieraticReaper: Hieratics

Match deck construction: 13/20
Match performance: 16/25

All of the replays!

Game 1: No Misplays, countered my first ophion with a lucky honest
Game 2: Turn 2; summoned a lv 6 normal dragon from hand with the effect of your hieratic. You had a viable target
in the deck, and no reason to minus your hand. Turn 3; wasted your Photon Strike Bounzer's effect on a Maestroke.
This was an intentional bluff, and you fell for it. A defense position Maestroke isn't going to be able to hurt
your Bounzer, so there's no reason to negate his effect. Turn 6; should have kept your Bounzer instead of tributing
it for your Tefnuit, you had control of the game until then. I had backrow, and you tripped my solemn warning,
effectively giving me the game. After that, I maintained the board with mole/penguin soldier lock. Turn 13; you
could have pushed for advantage with tefnuit/su, but instead needlessly set a birdman. This resulted in you
losing what could have been a chance to regain control.
Game 3:


Exodius and Drago aren't really needed in the deck, as with Drago, you don't know what matchup you will
face. For testing, you cannot assume the tester will use dark or light attribute monsters, therefore
he would be better off in the side deck. Exodius helps reset your extra deck, but that's about it, as
most of the Hieratics are self-recurring and since the normals recur from hand, deck, or grave, you really
don't need much more recursion than you already have. The deck needs some more draw power, I suggest one or two
copies of super rejuvenation to couple with the 2 cardcar d you are running, one would make a suitable replacement
for that random battle fader you are running. Your build is a turbo build, so I won't lecture you on
running traps in the main deck to protect yourself, but since you aren't, consider running copies of
Royal Decree, to stop the opponent's traps.

Your extra deck is a bit cloggy and doesn't afford you a plethora of options. I'd cut your boss monster,
Atum, down to 2, and the rest (except Gaia Dragon, of course) to 1, replacing them with more tech. Suggested
cards for the deck are Sword Breaker, Constellar Ptolemys Messier 7 (Great for re-using REDMD, or any of your
Hieratics), Gauntlet Shooter, Volcasaurus and Shark Fortress, just to name a few options. Try to keep your
extra deck as full of options as possible, to max out the types of matchups you can play against.

You sided D Fissure, compulsory evacuation device, and 2 Thunder King Rai-Oh in. Since this is a non-OTK test,
keep in mind that D Fissure's purpose is pretty much negated, as it doesn't stop anything in my deck except
Cercyon. Thunder King is good against Evilswarms early game, and it should be noted that when dueling Evilswarms,
effect monsters do most of the work, when it comes to countering, since they usually get immunity from backrow
pretty consistently. Very well sided. A personal suggestion for your deck is to side Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
(still a good side card with Inzektors and now Evilswarms, as well as GK and Blackwings)


SINGLE: 0/5 (Lose)

Deck ChrisG: Blackwing Vayu Turbo
Deck HieraticReaper: Water Hazard Diva Atlanteans

Single Deck Construction: 14/20
Single Performance: 9/15


Not so sure if the Shark Drakes are relevant to the deck, I feel like Armory arm and Mist Wurm would
have benefited you more. Could also fill the 2 empty slots with temtempo and leviair, or utopia, if

1 Poseidra would be enough, 2 would be too cloggy and though you run Atlantean Roar, too
difficult to summon. I'd consider maxing Marksman, to couple with the already maxed diva and armed
soldiers, and drop your attack squad to 1. Rather than use warrior of atlantis, you might consider
trying out the continuous trap Forgotten Temple of the Deep, to give you dodge options to protect your
deepsea diva when you aren't willing to go into a synchro, and are just using her to pump your attack
squad. This can also be an easy out for your dragoon riders, protecting it from bottomless trap hole.
All in all, a good deck, very original in construction. On a last note, the 2 moray of greed would
be better replaced with another copy of salvage, and solemn judgment, which you didn't include in the
deck. This proved to be the last note of your single, ending with you unable to use moray of greed due
to not having enough water monsters in hand.


Unfortunately for you, I opened 2 kalut and drew into the 3rd, there really wasn't much you could do
against my superpowered birds on steroids.

Other Comments:

I like the decks, they have potential, and some of the combos in your diva deck are not commonplay,
but the decks could use a little bit of refining, to make them capable of competing with the top tier

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be placed in the Slifer Red dormitory. I suggest using yugioh.wikia.com
as a reference to give you ideas of good cards for your builds, and try to include as many solutions
to common problems in your extra deck as possible, as the first thing an opponent will do is stop your
deck's engine. Your extra deck should only dedicate, at maximum, 2-5 card slots to reinforcing your
engine, the rest of the extra deck should ideally be problem solvers. Good luck to you with your builds.
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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test Results-HieraticReaper   Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:58 pm

Dorm assigned, tester points awared, and locked
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Dorm Test Results-HieraticReaper
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