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 Dorm Test - Brownjor10

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PostSubject: Dorm Test - Brownjor10   Fri Apr 26, 2013 5:54 am

GAME 1: sendspace.com zweoru
GAME 2: sendspace.com lk901f
SINGLES GAME: sendspace.com wdk28u

MATCH: Tester - Machina Gadgets
Testee - Dragon Deck

lost match x-x-N/A= 0 points

Match deck contruction: 11/20
Match Performance: 14/25

Construction comments:

A decent attempt at a dragon deck with a nice few cards in there. Really liked seeing the use of Chimeratech and 3 Cyber Dragon which caused some problems for me game 2 as I was using Machinas. Starting with your extra deck, I thought its diversity lacked a little - you ran 3 Twin-Headed Thunder dragon with no apparent way of summoning it as you don't main Thunder Dragon. You also use 2 Kachi Kochi Dragon which I think is a waste of a rank 4 xyz monster. I would take out these 5 cards from your extra and look to put some in which would enhance the deck. For example Lavalval Chain and Diagusto would be good with this sort of deck as you could set your grave up with Lavalval Chain (or your top-decking ability) and Diagusto would act as a mini "Pot of Avarice" to recycle your White Stone of Legend or Blue-Eyes. Other defensive xyz rank 4s which could help such as Utopia and Djinn may also be better suited.

Your main deck looked interesting, I liked the use of those level 4 Dragons - the Dark-Winged and Wyburstar and Bright White dragon. Glad to see you ran Chaos Sorcered and Darkflare Dragon to make use of those Eclipse Wyverns. However some of the cards are irrelevant to this deck and I feel take up space which could be used for other cards. I understand Ravine is to get cards into the grave but you run 2 with 1 Terraforming which is weird. I believe you could save yourself this by using Lavalval Chain in its place and replacing it with more defensive Traps which you are extremely light on such as Compulsoy Evac Device or maybe some more searching spells such as Gold Sarc or Pot of Duality. Perhaps look at expanding into Elemental Dragons with Gold Sarcophagus as these help with your search power and combo well with Dragon Mirror. You should definately be running RFDD (Return from Different Dimension) and be maxxing out that Dragon's mirror, perhaps making more targets in extra deck such as King Dragun and not just FHD which needs 5 Dragons and may use up your resources. I think that Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon is dead in your hand most of the time as you only have 2 Ravine so I did not think that worked well and D.D.R. is ok but its a neg 1 from your hand and you could find other alternatives. Other cards such as Soul Absorption just seemed a bit random, and an odd MST floating around there too, just did not seem right.

I can see why you might need a lot of monsters but with only 1 Dragon Mirror, the deck seems imbalanced, using more spells and traps and making better use of your extra deck would help enhance the deck and therefore there would be less need to run as many monsters. I strongly recommend looking into Elemental dragons (although they are heavily restricted in the Dorm Tests) and other traps such as RTDD.

Match Breakdown

Game 1:
You start off well with trade-in for the draw and set your White Stone of Legend to get another Blue-Eyes. You use Card Destruction which gives you the discards you needed and luckily draw Dragon Mirror to bring out FHD and attack for damage. I feel you missplayed however as next turn you try to use MST on my facedown but I counter with a Solemn Judgement and make the mistake of attacking (surely if i used solemn It was important) with FHD and low and behold you run into a Dimensional Prison. You summon red-eyes darkness metal but i counter with BTH and then I go on to spam the field using 2 machinas and take the game.

Game 2:
Cice to see you use your extra deck to side in 3 Cyber Dragon and Prohibition and using you extra deck well to give you an early advantage this game(you use Chimeratech). You open strongly and save the Redmd and Chaos in hand which shows conservative play. However unfortunately when you summon Redmd it turn 3 I respond with yet another BTH. You use Cyber Dragon giving you field advantage for the next couple of turns as I draw dead, but you have also not drawn too well and I have too many anwsers to youe attempts to clear my fierld with cards like lightning vortex. With 1 card in your hand you cannot recover and with the hand advantage I easly take game 2

Game 3:

SINGLE: Tester: X-Sabers
Testee: Harpie Sisters


Lost Single: 0/5

Single deck construction: 0/20 (would have been 13/20)
Single performance: 0/15 (would have been 8/15)

Construction Comments:
Shame you ran Big Eye as I felt this deck was a stronger build. Again starting with your extra deck you run too many rank 7 XYZ and not enough rank 4 variation. Things like Lightning Chidori is a must in any harpie deck as well as Lavalval Chain (why am I repeating myself?!). Defensive rank 4 xyz, the extra deck needs variation in order to go up against any type of deck as you do not know what your opponent will be running. You seem to like running Lightning Vortex a lot, but I would main a Dark Hole over it as it is a neg 1 and with harpies especially you need the hand advantage for cards like Harpie Channeler. I liked the tech of Birdface (but thought it was unnecessary at 2) which appears to fit well with the deck and Triangle Extasy Spark seemed cool too! I would suggest having cards such as Double Summon and Pot of Duality as you really need to be hitting those Harpie Dancers with Harpie Channeler and these would help with the searches as well as field advantage. Again I would say the deck is very monster heavy with not enough defensive spells or traps such as MST or Forbidden Lance which I believe you should be running, maybe even a Starlight Road (seeming as your missing an extra deck card you could add in SDD!)

Game Breakdown:
You dont start that well, only able to set your Harpie Dancer; however turn 3 you summon Pet Mirage Dragon which causes some problems for me as I am not able to get rid of it and you manage to attack direct for damage. I reinforce my field however with Gottoms and get rid of your hand leaving you having to top. I feel you missplayed torrential tribute turn 5, perhaps you thought that your pet dragon would not die but remember it says "your opponent cannot target." The destruction of Pet Dragon was your downfall as you lose your attacking field advantage and I quickly come in control of the game due to the lack of your hand and quickly take the win.

Different Deck: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be joining Slifer dorm!...for now!

Other comments: Unfortunately that banned card lowered your score drammatically, look at the comments and next time do not use a banned card! hopefully you can achieve Ra dorm if you should choose to retake your test at a later date.


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Team : N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test - Brownjor10   Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:02 am

Confirmed Awarded and Locked
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Dorm Test - Brownjor10
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