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 Dorm Test Results-Varod

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PostSubject: Dorm Test Results-Varod   Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:04 pm

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-x)

Deck ChrisG: Evilswarms
Deck Varod: Evols

Match deck construction: 12/20
Match performance: 9/25


All of the replays!

Game 1: No Misplays.
Game 2: Turn 1; could have set pleuro instead of diplo, to keep field presence. You chose
instead to hold back and let diplo take one for the team so you could use Vulcano
to summon him later. This resulted in a slower summon. You could have had a rank 4
exceed 1 turn sooner had you set pleuro instead.
Game 3: N/A


You didn't use your side deck and that makes me sad. The main deck needs a bit
of work, you're running level limit which is a sub par choice against decks that
quickly exceed, which is pretty much all of the current meta. The single torrential
is iffy, d prison should be at 2 or none, offering to the snake deity should also
be at 2, as well as fiendish chain. I'd cut the safe zone and level limit to put
fiendish at 2 and offerings at 2. Pot of Avarice isn't optimal to your build because
it doesn't run fast enough to abuse it. Rule of thumb; if you can't use Pot of Avarice
turn 1, you shouldn't run it in main deck, as it can dead draw. I'd put space typhoon
at 2 with that card's exlusion. I'd also cut Odonto to put in the 2nd D Prison. I'd rather
draw a D prison from top of deck than draw an Odonto late game.

Your extra deck really needs a makeover. You should be cutting some of the laggia and
dolkka; at most, I'd run 2 Dolkka and 1 Laggia. This frees up space for problem solvers.
Suggestions are Diamond Dire Wolf, Abyss Dweller, Photon Papilloperative, and
lastly, Roach and Vylon Disigma need to be replaced with Gagaga Cowboy and perhaps a
Leviair. Had you had Diamond Dire Wolf in your extra deck, or Gagaga Cowboy, you
might have been able to slow me down or stop me. Your backrow is meaningless at least
for 2 turns against ophion, maybe more, so monster effects have to do more work.


Unfortunately, you hit a bad matchup. This deck proves how terrible your Extra deck
choices are. It was either you got a turn 1 laggia, or you lost to my turn 1 Ophion.
Guess who came out on top?

Not side decking contributed to your low score in this section. I honestly thought
you played the deck well, but not siding when you're clearly at a disadvantage is
a terrible tactic against any opponent.

SINGLE: 5/5 (Win)

Deck ChrisG: Glad Fists
Deck Varod: Burning Knucklers

Single Deck Construction: 16/20
Single Performance: 14/15

Turn 2; you overextended a bit. No need to lay your combo out so fast, just drop
TKR and attack. That way you only -1 if you lose the first skirmish. I feel you
went into gandiva without even knowing what I was playing, and that's a bit
foolish. Otherwise, nothing noteable, you played well to my weaknesses, that
topdecked reinforcement of the army gave you the win, as I couldn't get over your
leadblow in time to re-gain the field advantage. I had to resort to chump blocking
with my nearly all-monster hand. Blaster is nice tech in the deck, by the way, and
really helped you out, sniping my solemn judgment, allowing you to push through with
Cestus's summon unabaited. All in all, a very nice deck.


I would personally drop the warrior returning alive, considering your monsters recur
on their own (glassjaw/switch-hitter combo) unless you want to at least consider
doubling it. Your deck doesn't really need it in my opinion, better to have that
second space typhoon. I'd prefer if you dropped Summoner Monk for 2 Bottomless Trap
Hole, since you have few spells to work with. For the Extra deck, again, 2 of your
boss monsters is sufficient, and Utopia Ray has no use in the deck, as it's ability
is too situational to deploy consistently. I'd go -1 cestus, -1 leadblow, -1 Armory
Arm (counter blow and veiler? eww.) and -1 Utopia Ray in favor of Diamond Dire Wolf
(are you sensing a recurring theme?), Ally of Justice-Catastor (more lv 4 monsters
for it's use), Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, and Blackship of Corn. This will
give you a better toolbox for your extra deck's plays. You chose a monster-heavy
approach to the deck, so rather than use your spell zones to fuel summoner monk,
you should focus on defending your plays more dynamically.


You took advantage of a bad hand on my part, did an excellent job of responding to
my plays, and got leadblow, your boss monster, online before I had a chance to respond.
well done!

Other Comments:

Your decks are powerful, have a strong engine, but your extra deck is being used only
to supplement your engine, for the most part. This is a dangerous practice, as most
players will, even in a single, look to shut down your engine first. Make use of
problem solvers to get out of these situations where the game favors the opponent.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be placed in the Slifer Red dorm.
I have to say I'm suprised. You performed like a High Ra in my opinion, with regards
to your matchups, but lost more points than I expected in deck construction, which in turn,
of course, affected your performance. Your main deck really had no answers to my EvilSwarms,
and worse yet, your absence of a side deck doomed you to repeat your mistakes. I hope you
don't feel that I'm picking you apart, but I expect you to internalize my message, and
it's a strong one, that you need to pick up your game if you want to move on to a higher
dorm, and ultimately, into competitive play. All that aside, I feel you have enormous
potential as a duelist, and your decks are fresh and fun in an otherwise stagnant,
redundant format.
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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test Results-Varod   Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:23 pm

Tester DP awarded, Dorm assigned, Thread locked


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Dorm Test Results-Varod
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