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 Dorm Retest - Kiogreservent

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PostSubject: Dorm Retest - Kiogreservent   Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:32 am

GAME 1: sendspace.com vaz0rv
GAME 2: sendspace.com 0q3clq
SINGLES GAME: sendspace.com djjkbo

MATCH: Tester - Gravekeepers
Testee - Morphotronic (spam paradise edition)

won match o-o-N/A= 10 points

Match deck contruction: 16/20
Match Performance: 20/25

Construction comments:
A bad matchup for me, this morphotronic build was solid and I would urge you to continue on building on this to perfect it against other types of decks. The problems I see with it are that you only have 3 Power Tool Dragon in your extra (all extras should probably be run with 15). You could use the extra space for some xyz which will help you defence wise e.g. zenmaines or for other synchro targets, not just the power tool (examples are Black Rose Dragon, Catastor, Stardust dragon etc...) All these would mean that you are not restricted to just a level 7 synchro but can expand further. I liked the fact you were not afraid to use so many equip spell cards and you showed great promise in your ability to search these all out in game 2 to the extent that you ran out! I would watch this and may want to think of a way to recycle these cards once they hit the graveyard (a possible idea might be to tech a book of spells or some other similar card). I would suggest cards like Morphotronic Binds days are up because of the amount of XYZs you see being played although it was fine against my gravekeepers I doubt this would be the case against many other decks. Maybe take these out to add in some defense or hand traps such as effect veiler of forbidden lance.

Match Breakdown

Game 1:
You stard well, bringing your power tool dragon to the field in turn one, I feel you did overextend a bit to start with using all of your equip spell cards, be careful as if I had something like a heavy storm in hand you would be struggling with only 1 card left in your hand. However I did not and you continue to reinforce your field with a medeley of different Morphotronics, leaving me desperately trying to defend recycling my Gravekeeper Spy. Junk Barrage is perfect and effective against my deck, and though slow you start to eat at my lifepoints. My defence is too weak and you easily take game 1 against me.

Game 2:
You didn't make use of a side-deck and I thought you missed out, I was expecting to see an effect veiler or 2 thrown in to keep me at bay. Unfortunately for you I sided in an electric virus which I use to steal your power tool in turn 3 to deal you damage. You respond well, not panicking, and quickly build up your field advantage again in your turn and once again I am left defending with gravekeeper spy. My attempt to gain field advantage is thwarted by a bottomless trap hole and you continuously attack dealing damage using junk barrage. My gaurd has you stumped for a few turns but you manage to get over him as well, and a missplay makes me slip up which you take advantage of (summoning in attack and not defence) and you are able to seal victory, though a little tougher seeing plays such as system down from me!

Game 3:

SINGLE: Tester: Machina Gadgets
Testee: Gravekeepers

Lost Single: 0/5

Single deck construction: 13/20
Single performance: 9/15

Construction Comments:
I thought this was the weaker deck of your 2 builds. You did not use an extra deck at all which I think was the biggest problem construction wise. Using Spy to bring out Descendant is an instant rank 4 XYZ and in my gravekeepers I use a variety of XYZ to cover possible decks I will come up against so maybe take a look at that for a starter. I think Visionary should be run at 1 or 2 and I do not think you need gravekeeper's servant (I find it is a pointless card and benefits a lot of decks for example lightsworns). In any gravekeeper deck you need the core: 3x descendant, 3x spy, 3x recruiter, 3x commandant, 1/2x assailant. 1/2x guard and a possible malefic which could feature, the rest is literally just there to act as filler although cards like stele are extremely beneficial. Cardswhich are also good are things such as magical dimension which are great for the easy pop and then the special summon of another gravekeeper. Look to also side in things like rivalry of the warlords as gravekeepers are spellcaster type monsters and so with rivalry you can quickly gain advantage over your opponent if they are running things like stellars or swarms. Other cards you could look at are those such as Dark Armed Dragon (a great addition for field power) and others like 2 thunder king rai-oh as this deck only really adds with the commandant and it will help stop other decks (also if you want to further evaluate, the addition of maybe an effect veiler and you have a graveyard engine for a BLS perhaps).

Game Breakdown:
In a sense it ended up being a reverse of game one with you defending and me constantly attacking you. I tried to give you as many chances as possible with the hand I had but in the end, I was able to seal victory quite easily. It was ashame not to see cards like gravekeeper recruiter feature in your deck which possibly could have given you the hand advantage needed to turn things around. The hand you drew was not particularly that good to be fair, but in my opinion that was because your build led to inconsistency. This game was very much one sided.

Different Deck: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be moving up into RA yellow dorm! well deserved, a noted improvement from your last test!

Other comments: You have the ability to reach Obby, you need to focus a bit more on your deck structure and utilise your extra deck a bit more, try to go for a few more combos and expand the capacity and the plays of your decks.


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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Retest - Kiogreservent   Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:30 pm

This test had already been complete, in the future if you have any disputes use PM's or Skype
Locked again!


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Dorm Retest - Kiogreservent
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