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 Dorm Test Results-GoalieFreak

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PostSubject: Dorm Test Results-GoalieFreak   Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:07 am

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-x)

Deck ChrisG: Evilswarms
Deck GoalieFreak: VWXYZ Prisma Variant

Match deck construction: 9/20
Match performance: 8/25


All of the Replays!

Game 1: Turn 7; wasted Lightwave Tuning on your monster. You are unable to summon
monsters level 5 or higher, so no need to do so. I chained with forbidden dress to
stop you from equipping, and in doing so, left you with a 500 attack monster in attack
mode unable to equip to your Y Dragon Head. Turn 11; wasted Call of the Haunted to
re-summon Machina Peacekeeper in attack mode. 950 life left with Ophion out, not a
wise choice.
Game 2: Turn 2; wasted Sakuretsu Armor on my Evilswarm Thunderbird. Turn 3; summoned
Ancient Fairy Dragon and attacked with no protection, giving no consideration to
my backrow. This ultimately lost you 2 monsters (chaos end master and y dragon head)
needlessly and won me the game.
Game 3: N/A


You need to fill out your extra deck. Just because your deck theme is the v-z monsters
doesn't mean your extra deck should be focused on pulling the combos off. Your extra
deck needs cards that generate advantage for you. Suggested are Geargiant X, Utopia,
Starliege Paladynamo, Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, Diamond Dire Wolf, and Black Rose
Dragon, just to name a few. You scored very low due to this fact, coupled with the
fact that you didn't use your side deck at all. Also, notably, is your lack of staples.
Space Typhoon is at 3, yet you run only 1. This gave you no way to effectively shut my
heavy backrow down. You also neglected to run either Heavy Storm or Dark Hole, to the
same result, effectively. Lightning Vortex is a poor substitute for Dark Hole, as it
takes a card from your hand, effectively minus 1'ing you, which is counterproductive
to the game's mechanics. Bottomless Trap Hole isn't maxed out, nor is anything else.
The only card in your deck, spell/trap wise, that you have 2 of is Frontline Base.
This leads to inconsistent backrow and you will not draw the basic removal you need
to keep an opponent in check.


My biggest problem here was that you never used Shining Angel to pick out your Honest. You had another monster in
hand, and chose to go for a Y Dragon Head instead. With Ophion online, you had no way to summon your xyz monsters,
so getting Honest would have been the wise choice, giving you a chance to beat over Ophion.

SINGLE: 0/5 (Lose)

Deck ChrisG: Six Sams
Deck GoalieFreak: Gemini Starter Deck

Single Deck Construction: 3/20
Single Performance: 5/15

Turn 5 you should have summoned Commander Rahz, to search out a monster of your choice for the next turn.
Unfortunately, you had no way to win because again your deck lacks staples and consistent removal.


It is almost exactly what I said; a starter deck. All of your cards fit the gemini theme, with a few cards
to support mill and use your spells as fuel to summon your spell striker. There is very little substance
to your deck, and the newer starter decks have wisened up to this fact, giving their beginners access to
more cheap removal, and consistent plays. Your deck is over 40 cards, making it difficult to pull what
you need in the first place, and without a proper, complete extra deck, all you can do is play what you
draw and hope for the best. You had almost no way to interact with my side of the field whatsoever, and
Shi En coming online quickly ended your chance to play even that. For Gemini decks, it's best to max out
on Supervise and Unleash Your Power, provided you have a fully stocked extra deck. You might also consider
using Gigaplant as it combos with Supervise to swarm consistently, using Blazewing Butterfly as material.
The Brutdrago is only summonable with Tuned Magician, so I'd run at least 2 of her if you plan to summon
Brutdrago at all. Raptinus isn't really worth the use now that Future Fusion is banned, better to use that
extra deck space for rank 3 or 4 xyz monsters. Other than the list I gave you for the other deck, which
is viable for this deck as well, some other monsters I suggest for your extra deck are: Wind-up Zenmaines,
Temtempo the Percussion Djinn, Leviair, Leviathan Dragon, and Giga-Brilliant, just to name a few.


You started turn 2 off nicely, spacing my backrow and dropping a swarm. The use of Card Trooper in the
deck helps you a lot, and I'd advise running 2 of them. After that, you really had nothing. Zenmaines would
have helped you keep some field presence while you wait to rebuild your hand.

Other Comments:

It's very clear to me from your decks that you are a beginner. Though you have chosen 2 decks that aren't
typically played in events, you need to spend more time researching the engines of your decks and figure out
what direction you want your decks to go.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be placed in the Slifer Red dorm. Take some time researching your deck builds.
I suggest yugioh.wikia.com to get a basic skeleton, and slowly build your extra and side deck up to 15
using your experience. Pay close attention to your opponents so you see standard extra deck and side
deck cards they use to remove threats.
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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test Results-GoalieFreak   Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:49 am

Tester DP awarded, Dorm assigned, Thread locked


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Dorm Test Results-GoalieFreak
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