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 Dorm Test Results-Franko Kakusi

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PostSubject: Dorm Test Results-Franko Kakusi   Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:02 pm

MATCH: 4/10 (o-x-x)

Deck ChrisG: Banish Keepers
Deck Franko Kakusi: Ninja Lockdown

Match deck construction: 15/20
Match performance: 17/25


all of the replays!

Game 1: No mistakes. You got your Simorgh Lock online turn 1 and I could do absolutely nothing.

Game 2: I feel you ended the game too soon. Falcon could have potentially gotten recruiter off
the board, and vanity's emptiness along with it, opening up your plays. Conversely, my plays would
have been limited due to you having the solemn brigade down.

Game 3: turn 1; you overextended a bit, setting mind crush and trans with no target. Turn 9, wasted
monster reborn. Also, should have kept Mist Valley Falcon in case you had the opportunity to float
Fiendish, instead you walked into my solemn warning, losing both falcon and your golden upstart.
Turn 11, summoned Red Dragon Ninja after seeing me add bottomless with pot of duality.


This deck suffers a bit due to the heavy useage of continuous backrow. Don't get me wrong, you
didn't get cloggy, but you also didn't have a direct answer for my summons or effects hit the
board consistently. Missing Bottomless Trap Hole, a card that could easily replace one of your
Ninjutsu Art of Transformation and probably a Call of The Haunted. 2 Call is usually enough,
especially with your Falcon floating them. Sazank, while being a ninja, can only combo with
your Art to summon Red Dragon Ninja, which isn't really necessary in the deck either. I'd
personally prefer to see you bump up the Upstart Golden Ninja, and add in Honest and Black
Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning for extra removal and as a beatstick. Daigusto Emeral
and Lavalval Chain aren't very large, nor do they help your combos, so I'd rather you replaced
them with Diamond Dire Wolf and Sylphine The Cold Bird Beast or Utopia to give you a good stall
option. In side-decking, you brought in a Space Typhoon and 2 mind crush, attempting to hate
on my searchers and stop my Necrovalley play. What you should have done was side in the Dust Tornadoes
and Thunder Kings to stop my engine completely, as well as increase your ability to hate on my Necrovalley.
None of your side decking really came online, as often is the case when you only side 2-3 answers
against a deck. Next time, think more carefully about the opponent's engine, as that is what you're
trying to disrupt.


All in all, I felt you made too many misplays to score too highly in this section. The clincher was
your use of Monster Reborn while my Necrovalley was out. Other noteable mistakes were the unprotected
summon of Red Dragon Ninja to a guaranteed Bottomless Trap Hole, and giving up your Mist Valley Falcon
too soon. Heavy Storm in game 3 was a plus for me, though not a big one. I feel that given your
opening hand, 1 backrow would have been enough to force me to play defensively, as I would not likely
use my heavy storm to take out just one backrow, but with GK, don't want to lose my normal summon.
The biggest blow to your performance rating is your under-use of your side deck. You had a plethora
of options to deal with my Gravekeepers' Necrovalley, the biggest percieved threat, and not only did
you not take full advantage of that, you also kept in all of your grave recursion. 3 Call of the Haunted
and 1 Monster Reborn. Things you could have minimized, keeping call at 1, and Reborn at 1, while switching
the other 2 out for cards that would help make those 2 left as live as possible.

SINGLE: 5/5 (Win)

Deck ChrisG: Six Samurai
Deck Franko Kakusi: Windups

Single Deck Construction: 18/20
Single Performance: 12/15

Turn 2; you didn't use Wind-Up Rabbit in the End phase, this could potentially have cost you the
duel. You quickly recovered by using it before the standby phase, thus gaining him back along
with your adds. To force turn priority, simply hold down the "A" key on your keyboard. If you are
able to play a card, it'll ask you if you wish to. Turn 5; it was unnecessary to use both sharks.
You could have instead used your rat to get magician back and spammed 1 shark, followed by a wind
up warrior, thus saving a shark for your next combo with rat. Also, wasted Avarice. You should have
went to battle and ended my Shi En's life before playing Avarice in main phase 2.


My only single point of contention is the use of Cardcar D in a windup deck that doesn't use Tragoedia.
Trago is too useful not to run alongside Cardcar. The big problem with that is the deck space. You have
your deck maxed out for the engine you are running. You might consider trying him out in place of the
Mirror Force. In my opinion, 2 Mirror Force and 2 Torrential in a backrow heavy deck is a bit overkill.
You have torrential to handle swarm, which is usually not your big problem, considering Wind-Ups outswarm
everything. Last bit of advice is to try out the rank 4 Fairy King Albverdich in your deck with Wind-Up
Warrior and Rat or Rabbit. It's easy enough to pull off and can really help you out against the current
meta decks, especially when it comes to getting around the Fire Fist's incremental boosts.


Not knowing how to force turn priority cost you points here, in real life, it will do the same. Saying "ok" to
someone's summon is a bad idea at any time, since it automatically passes turn priority to them. That's
a small problem/habit easily fixed, both in real life, and in game. Overextending your Sharks could
potentially have cost you, when available, use only one shark and try to draw out the Warrior so you can
save it for later. Only running 1 Warrior means you want to put him on the board as immediately as he's
able to be used. This will allow you to use him to facilitate the legendary rank 4 summons that Wind-Up
Rat is capable of, as well as saving it in your grave for a later Shark abuse.

Other Comments:

Your ninja deck is strong. The Simorgh lock, properly timed, pretty much seals game for you, but in
match mode, it's best not to rely heavily on it. Your inability to adjust to my strategy and engine
ultimately left you with unplayable cards for the second and third game. Proper and thorough side
decking will help mitigate the opponent's threats, as will proper timing with your plays.

You're very good with windups, and you understand thoroughly what is and isn't a good card to run to
give you advantage. You gain momentum, and I feel that while doing so, you are overlooking some minor
details. Keep in mind it's those details that can swing a game for the better or worse.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


Congratulations, you'll be placed in the Ra Yellow dorm. Work on timing and
thorough side decking, as well as conserving your resources, making the most of the cards you play,
and you're sure to rank higher next time.
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Franko Kakusi


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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test Results-Franko Kakusi   Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:16 pm

Yay! Super nice! I'll hard work! Thanks for patience!
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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test Results-Franko Kakusi   Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:38 am

Tester DP awarded, Dorm assigned, Thread locked


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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test Results-Franko Kakusi   

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Dorm Test Results-Franko Kakusi
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