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 Test Results - SunMoonOR

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PostSubject: Test Results - SunMoonOR   Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:58 pm

MATCH: 7/10 (o-x-o)

Deck Eatos: Gadget-Geargia
Deck SunMoonOR: Chaos Machines

Match deck construction: 17/20
Match performance: 16/25

Replays: sendspace.com/filegroup/zHACFomsrpqNUXpbRxSuaSLlPTxVvJwN


In overall it's a solid deck, I just want to point out some details. 2 gearframe are enough to search 3 fortress (you can also draw fortress directly from your deck). Searchers don't need to be necessarily at the same number exactly of the card they search in a deck. Now concerning extra deck i have some doubts about Gaia Knight....I don't know how often you will use it. You could do it with assailant and salvo (the only lvl 3 tuner in deck) but salvo is usually used with chaser. You need to find space for utopia and blackship of corn,they can help in hard situations.

Siding: 1 maxx'C and 1 CD. Youc could side 2 maxx C's since you saw my decks SS a lot. Always side in pairs.

Game 1: In round 8 there was no need to use reborn and take my pearl, as you didn't attack for game (waste of resources)

Game 2: Here come's a big misplay. You opened good with rabbit,heavy,mst etc. You summon rabbit and then double chaser and attack...perfect till here! In your MP2 you forgot to xyz into gear gigant X and fetch salvo. Round 8 again you draw gearframe and just dump it in grave to SS fortress without getting his effect by summoning him ( -1 card for you). I bluffed by setting hole face down and although you had gorz and bls in hand I won that one.

Game 3: You start first and overextend by summoning both gearframe and fortress. Nice play with gearframe: you unequip to use heavy and pop my backrow. But why you keep extending again? You already had 2 monsters on field and summoned salvo too. After that you only had veiler and reborn in hand,what would you do if i used dark hole?? I'm confirmed luckily, as i draw hole next turn and nuke the field.


Deck Eatos: Blackwings
Deck SunMoonOR: Blackwings

Single deck construction: 14/20
Single performance: 8/15

Replay: sendspace.com 2mdii2

You chose to go with chaos BW,double TKR, double veiler, BLS, nice! Some details again. You need to run 3 shura. For sirocco im not sure about running 2, it's more of a tech card (better at 1). In this case that was a mirror match, and yes it might helped you more,but you won't always run into mirror duels. I also suggest running 3 x blizzard and 1 x vayu. Regarding the extra deck (you have 14 cards, fill at max the space):

- Red Dragon Archfiend
- Ascendant
- T.G. Hyper Librarian
- Vortex the Whirlwind
+ Gaia Knight
+ Blackship of Corn
+ Shockmaster
+ Sylphine, the Sub-Zero Siren

Round 4, you use dark hole on only my shura, that is 1 monster. You knew I had kalut in hand from pod (like you did also), yet hole should be used for at least 2 monsters (think that it's -1 for you and -2 for opponent) and/or in an emergency. No need to do that. Next you try to reborn my shura...why? Of course i solemn you. 2 wrong plays of 2 staple cards in the same turn. Then you summon sirocco and forget to activate its effect and make its ATK 3700, so he could jump over my bora without you having to use kalut that turn (at this point you could gain big advantage). After some turns (turn 14 i think), you draw sirocco and this time you try to activate its effect (after i had told you) but this time i had veiler in hand. I read pretty well your face down icarus and even with gorz in hand you didn't manage to take the game.

TOTAL: 62/100

Other Comments: Even though you won the match you made many misplays,try and stay focused on your plays next time.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be assigned in the Slifer Red Dorm. The only thing that kept you far from Ra Yellow Dorm was your many misplays. Keep practicing and I'm sure next time you will get Ra!

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned and Thread Locked!
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Test Results - SunMoonOR
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