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 MrsBeilSchmidt test results

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PostSubject: MrsBeilSchmidt test results   Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:46 am

MATCH: 8/10 (x-o-o)

Deck ChrisG: Glad Fists
Deck MrsBeilSchmidt:Vayu Ninja

Match deck construction: 9/20
Match performance: 20/25


sendspace.com iqb46w
sendspace.com uivxs4
sendspace.com cm032o

Game 1: Turn 3, should have chained Safe Zone to protect your Sirocco from my Bottomless Trap Hole.
Game 2: No misplays, well done.
Game 3: No misplays, well done.

This hybrid is a little too scattered. You have Ninjas to give you both access to Blade Armor Ninja, and
you use your Transformations to search out your Vayu, so you can start your turbo. This is unnecessary and
a huge minus to your field presence, you could do the same thing much faster with a Summoner Monk/Armageddon
Knight engine, without having to use up your traps, which are needed to maintain field presence. Instead,
pitch spells like Pot of Duality so it's not a dead draw in a turn where you want to special summon, and
use it when special summons aren't an option. On top of these two seperate parts, to which you've dedicated
much deck space, you've also splashed Cyber Dragon to help enable your level 8 summons. Black Luster Soldier
rounds out your boss monster team, a standard in any deck that runs dark and light monsters. I'd side deck
the Cyber Dragon and replace with a copy of Blackwing-Zephyros the Elite, enabling you to easier access
your rank 4 summons. My biggest concern is the fact that you aren't using Kalut at all in a format where
he's unlimited. That's very bad foresight on your part. Sure, you don't want to OTK with the deck, but
you can still use him to protect your Blackwings, and push for game after you've dealt some damage in a
previous turn, so there's no reason not to use the max of him. It also gives you extra Blizzard Targets,
and combined with Zephyros the Elite, can give you 4 Kalut! Shame on you for not using that.

I'd also go -1 Swords and -1 Magic Planter, they're kinda situational and don't do much to help you push field
presence, which is what you want to do, keeping the deck at 40 cards. If you need to hold the opponent back,
do so with field presence, not with cards that can be easily removed. Your backrow is decent, and can protect
your monsters without the need to resort to such tactics.

The extra deck needs some work; you're not running the right ratios for the blackwing end of business, I
caution you about using more than 1 Gram; Better off going with Catastor for field presence if you need a
level 5. I'd also take out one Silverwind, as you really only need to summon it once to abuse it, and
Armed Wing should be at 3, since he's the easiest in the deck to summon, and enables your vayu abuse.
2 Utopia aren't necessary; one is enough, and Utopia Ray is far too situational in your deck; you only
have 2 cards dedicated to dropping your life points low enough to use him. I'd swap out Utopia x1 and Ray
for Maestroke the Symphony Djinn and Blackship of Corn or Diamond Dire Wolf, whichever suits your playstyle

We did this match multiple times due to server issues, so I can accurately say that your deck does what
it needs to do. Not siding cost you points in performance. The side deck is there to adjust your deck to fit your matchup. That said, you use your engine pretty well, your timing is just a little off in some cases. This
is largely due to having too many cards in your main deck; leaving you with unnecessary clutter. You
have blended two very different decks together seamlessly, and I congratulate you on your originality,
but bear in mind that you need your deck to focus heavily on it's main engine, the Vayu Turbo, so
take care not to disturb the balance you have too much.You got lucky this match, but rather than rely
purely on luck, you need to make absolutely sure you have given yourself as many options to win as possible.

SINGLE: 5/5 (Win)

Deck ChrisG: Six Samurai
Deck MrsBeilSchmidt: Gravekeepers

Single Deck Construction: 9/20
Single Performance: 8/15

sendspace.com 8te5wa

Turn 2; should have used Space Tyhoon in my end phase instead of waiting until your own main phase.
My face down could have been a trap I can use, like compulsory evacuation device, and you would have
wasted your Typhoon.


No real misplays, the hand you were dealt was played as best as you could.


This Gravekeeper deck had an old-school feel to it. You need to max out on Gravekeeper's Recruiter, he's
part of the deck's main engine. Field Barrier in Keepers is a collossal waste of time and resources,
especially considering you're running 2 Priestess. There's also no reason to run only 2 Gravekeeper's Spy;
that card is your bread and butter. Gravkeeper's Servant was unnecessary and only really served to
help me, ultimately, since you didn't get a Necrovalley. Mystic Tomato has no real need in the deck, as
Spy and Recruiter do his jobs better, and there's absolutely no reason to max out on the Boss monster,
Gravekeeper's Visionary. Caius is good in the build, he'll afford you much needed removal, but modernize
your main deck please, Gravekeeper's Stele is a staple to a Gravekeeper user, especially using Visionary.
Magician's Circle, Metal Reflect Slime, and Dark Illusion were definitely different choices. Unfortunately,
with them in the deck, you lack the protective backrow that makes Gravekeepers a famous archetype, such as
Bottomless Trap Hole, D Prison, Torrential Tribute. (couples well with Recruiter) You instead focused on
your own field presence, ignoring the opponent's plays or removing them during your own turn. Unfortunately,
with most meta decks, it's the opponent's turn when you need to come on-line, or you're already toast.

The extra deck appears to have been thrown together with no real regard for the plays you're going to make
in-game, so I'll say this much; you're running 2-3 of everything, try running 1 and expand your options, your
array of different monsters. Your deck needs very few rank 3's since Recruiter is your only level 3, of which
you have 2. Even with 3 Recruiters, he loses his grave effect if used as overlay material, so you really don't
want to rely on rank 3 summons. Fran Ken is a good card, but you don't want to overlay 2 Visionary to make him;
as a rule of thumb, only run him if you have 4-5 level 8 monsters to devote to him (such as a Malefic GK deck
with Malefic Stardust Dragon) to maximize his effectiveness. For your current build, I'd drop him altogether and
focus on rank 4's, they're easier to summon and worth more for field presence in the long run. Wind-Up Zenmaister,
Diamond Dire Wolf, Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, Abyss Dweller, Gagaga Cowboy, Shock Master, Photon Papilloperative,
and Huge Rock Palm, Giant Hand, are just a few useful tech for you to consider. Utopia Ray, again, doesn't do you
much good in this deck, for the aforementioned reasons.


Not much to say about the performance. Your deck construction would lead to a much better performance, as you'll
open with more options.

Other Comments:

Nothing noteable

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be assigned to Slifer Red. Practice timing and try to get your decks down to 40,
paying special attention to your extra and side decks. Give yourself a wider variety of options with your
extra deck so you can handle any threat, and for goodness sake don't let me catch you running Blackwings
without Kalut again!
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PostSubject: Re: MrsBeilSchmidt test results   Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:14 am

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned, Thread Locked


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MrsBeilSchmidt test results
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