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 Test Result-DanTheEnigma

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PostSubject: Test Result-DanTheEnigma   Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:53 am

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-N/A)

Deck ChrisG: Glad Fists
Deck DanTheEnigma: Crystal Beasts

Match deck construction: 17/20
Match performance: 23/25

sendspace.com 9h8wpf
sendspace.com l5psfz


Excellent work on the main deck; the Summoner Monk and Dragon Queen are great tech for the build.
Try swapping out Utopia Ray for Temtempo or Diamond Dire Wolf, Utopia Ray won't come into play very often,
as you're in dire straits if you need his effect anyways. Acid Golem of Destruction is a danger to you,
as it prevents your Hamon useage, I'd suggest Temtempo instead, to give you a threat to counter XYZ with.
Scrap Dragon is unlikely, as you would have to not only use veiler, but 2 other monsters to make him. That's
overcommitting resources. I'd replace him with another Stardust Dragon, and drop a Crystal Raigeki for a
Starlight Road, so you can summon the Stardust for extra protection.


Use of Gunman to remove my monster was good; you saved yourself a dark hole in that way, and timed your
field spell placement perfectly in tandem with your Pegasus's effect. Nicely done. Perfect timing for
use of Dark Hole; any time you get a 1 for 3 is a good day. Excellent use of Crystal Raigeki on my Bear
in game 2. It's a minus for you, but better than letting me gain Bear's effect!

Game 1: No misplays. Well played.
Game 2: No misplays. Well played.

SINGLE: 0/5 (Loss)

Deck ChrisG: Harpies
Deck DanTheEnigma: Batteryman

Single Deck Construction: 16/20
Single Performance: 9/15

sendspace.com 8d51jr


Again, Utopia Ray makes an Appearance, when he would be better replaced with another rank 4. Acid Golem as
well, because your deck is reliant on special summons. Replace them with the aforementioned techs and you
should be good to go. With only 3 level 3 monsters in the deck, you might want to take out all but 1 of
your rank 3 monsters, as they aren't the focal point of this deck. Besides, you want to keep your lv
3 monsters out, so they gain their bonuses, right? Diamond Dire Wolf, Abyss Dweller, EvilSwarm Oroborous,
Blackship of Corn and Huge Rock Palm Giant Hand are just a few rank 4 XYZ that can help turn this
deck into a veritable toolbox of power, if used with the proper timing. Card Destruction is not necessary
in the main deck. While you can mitigate it's -1 in hand to use, it does leave you very vulnerable to
Darkworld decks, a standard meta deck that everyone must be wary of; therefore, if possible, replace it
unless it stands to give you multiple pluses all by itself (example: discarding 2 or more white stone of


Never leave Solemn Judgment in the hand; if you're using it in the deck, it's only ever useful on the field.
Same for Solemn Warning. As a rule of thumb, if you have a counter trap, set it, or you'll regret it later.

Other Comments:

You definitely understand your deck themes, with more practice, you'll be adept at making field presence
and countering plays.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


Your excellent attitude and good attention to detail when constructing your deck earned you a spot in
Ra Yellow dorm!
With practice and a bit of work on the extra and side decking, you'll be sure to rank up in
the future. Good job!

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Team : Trojan

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PostSubject: Re: Test Result-DanTheEnigma   Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:19 am

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked


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Test Result-DanTheEnigma
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