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Name: Sabriel
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PostSubject: : CONSPIRACY THEORIES BEHIND KONAMI - DISCUSSION :   Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:34 am

There are a lot of chat and conspiracies behind some of the stuff which Konami did, so I decided to open up a topic in which I hope you will post your thoughts about Konami, and what they are really getting up to. There are a few things I am going to say and then open the floor to you YGOA users, to get your opinions. Some of the following is not so much a conspiracy, but people know and they are probably true.
1. Ban Lists (THE BIGGEST ONE)

Ok so this one is a no brainer. Konami are after money. How I think the banlists rotate is dependant on new OCG sets, and also currently what meta people are using, but I doubt this is to encourage people to use different decks and thereby diversify play in Yugioh, this is simply in search of money. March 2013 saw a strange mixture - Inzektors, Rescue Rabbits and Windups taking the biggest hit...why? In my own opinion it was because these are what were being played the most. Konami seek to stop people using these decks in order to go out and buy new structure decks of upcoming cards which will be "big" in the meta such as Fire-kings and mermails. I can back this up with the fact that Rescue Rabbit was not limited...this is because Evilswarms need them in order to be a successful Tier 1 deck, so obviously they did not touch him because they want to make profit from the Eviswarm decks right?

It isn't a suprise that Abyssmegalo's price has rocketed and continues to do so, as people are forced to take up mermails or some other competitive decks. Constellars are another good example in this format. It would be no suprise to me if next format it is these 2 decks which are hit, leaving people to probably I would suggest then head more towards Elemental Dragons. Again your thoughts on this? It makes me angry as having made an inzektor deck reliant on using Sangan and then it being banned I am having to find my way around this and spending more money!

There are also stories surrounding the accuracy of predictions of banlists. I am not sure but I heard conspiracies about when Konami wanted to release them in order to drive prices up before the banlist and squeeze as much money as possible upcoming to the banlist. If anyone remembers last banlist nobody was actually that sure of what would be hit and what wouldn't. I know this is vague and some may argue that this is false...feel free!

2.OCG cards and their release in the US market.

For instance Makura the Destructor was banned almost immediately after release. The same can be said about Exchange of the Spirit. Cards like Crush Card Virus were difficult to get and short printed in the Gold Series but it wasn't banned until the Turbo Pack released and it became easily available. Coincidence? I think not. Cards such as Summoner Monk were already held back to being semi-limited even before their release into TCG...why?


I will upload more if they are requested and popular discussions will also be up on this topic at a later date!


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Name: Erika
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PostSubject: Re: : CONSPIRACY THEORIES BEHIND KONAMI - DISCUSSION :   Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:59 am

We all knew that ages ago Razz more a deck or card(s) are used they decide to ban them.. As you say it's all about the money.
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PostSubject: Re: : CONSPIRACY THEORIES BEHIND KONAMI - DISCUSSION :   Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:16 am

Madolche op.


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