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 Test Results - kiogreservent

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PostSubject: Test Results - kiogreservent   Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:13 am

MATCH: 0/10 (x-x-N/A)

Deck Eatos: Chaos Machines
Deck kiogreservent: Scrapsworn

Match deck construction: 13/20
Match performance: 12/25

Replays: sendspace.com/filegroup/5ApPFZQNnZzLq5x%2BrxvlCw

I can see you tried to mix lightsworn with scrap in this deck but not with quite a success. You only have 2 ryko's for the mill engine,maybe you could add a third one. I can't really understand why dandylion and field barrier are in this deck (too randoms)...field barrier for what? If you run into GK's? Scrap Golem seems better at 1. In Scraps the main monster is chimera which works with beast, you got these. Also you run 2 level eater's...apparently to help you with summoning Atomic and Twin. I don't think you need 3 x atomic and 3 x twin, it's too much. Something else i noticed is that your extra is only 12 cards and only synchro's..best is to max it and try some XYZ's also, they help in current meta. You miss dark hole and monster reborn, important staples.

No siding cards noticed.

Game 1: When i used bth on your beast you chained BOM...why you didn't chain scrap storm and plus while also getting chimera in hand....??? That's a classic strategy in this deck! After i used dark hole and cleaned the field, then on your turn you summon goblin in attack postion (0 ATK)....that seemed like you surrendered. You could just set goblin, set also scrap storm and end turn. Can't find any rational behind this move.

Game 2: Before you summon golem why you didn't flip summon ryko and get its effect? Not only this but you wasted your scrap storm with golem and not with scrap beast which could give you chimera in hand. This means you are not aware of how the Scrap archetype works. Luckily you drew another storm after and performed that. Then after dropping gorz you mind control my paradios and enter attack phase...of course you couldn't attack as mind control doesn't allow this...lack of knowledge and waste of resources. When I solemned your twin dragon you should have summoned golem, not chimera.

SINGLE: 0/5 (Loss)

Deck Eatos: Thunder
Deck kiogreservent: Scrapsworn

Single deck construction: 13/20
Single performance: 6/15

Replay: sendspace.com 6416n4

Nothing more to mention here, same deck used as in match.

You left ryko face-down without flipping it face-up and destroy 1 of my cards,plus you set beast down. Overextended early in game for no reason. I understand you didn't draw any backrow but setting poa while having gorz in hand is definetely a no-no. Not even to bluff should you do that. After 4 turns having passed you remembered to flip ryko,but i countered that with my TT. Since you had gorz in defence position why summoned also beast in atk?? Another waste of resources. Finally, with atomic you should have also returned TRA back to my deck to avoid getting BLS'd, which happened eventually.

TOTAL: 44/100

Other Comments: You must devote some time and learn more for the Scrap archetype, how it works and where does its potential reach. Need to tell you that it's not an easy deck to use, requires very good handling. Next time pick another deck so you can show us something different.

Different decks: 0/3
Attitude: 2/2


You will be assigned in the Slifer Red Dorm.

NOTE: I was informed that when you saw me online you went away and waited for a re-test after I have already tested you yesterday. Next time you will violate the Dorm Testing Rules you will receive a penalty.

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned, Thread Locked!
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Test Results - kiogreservent
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