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 Dorm Test - Kisuo

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PostSubject: Dorm Test - Kisuo   Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:56 am

MATCH: 7/10 (o-x-o)

Deck Eatos: Lancer Frogs
Deck Kisuo: Prophecy Spellbooks

Match deck construction: 12/20 (-5 points for stall attempt)
Match performance: 22/25

Replays: sendspace.com/filegroup/kYZaKt0ATCbXHQmrEfsf%2Bg8kDws0RHWj

After watching again and again your deck construction I saw that you actually replaced the loss of divine judgment with 7 stall cards...(3 x waboku + 3 x threatening roar + one day of peace). Well, certainly testers don't like to see and evaluate testee's skills behind stalling strategies...For that you will have a penalty of -5 points in scoring (if you would run more stall cards I could have invalidated this match). In this deck 2 x tragoedia is a must ,maybe treacherous too. But you didn't think of that since you enforced your SB deck with 7 stall cards! Also it would be better to: -1 SB of wisdom and +1 SB of life (so to have 2 of each). You could also run 2 x breaker since you run no mst's (maybe take fairy lily out). Since you knew after game 1 i don't run heavy trap deck why game 2 you sided 3 x MST?

Now concerning the extra deck:

- Tomahawk
- Acid Golem (too risky for your deck)
+ Photon Strike Bounzer
+ Gachi Gachi

Note: A good tech would be Arcanite Magician if you side veiler so you can pop opponent's backrow, still that's personal and you don't lose points for this.

Game 1: 1st turn no need to extend so much with priestess and magician. No other misplays.

Game 2: Here you were lucky to draw your roars and peace but couldn't follow up the game. You continued taking damage, saving the roar face down until you draw the cards you needed (proves my point for the penalty you got). Turn 18 you missed temperance's effect since you special summoned priestess.

Game 3: No misplays, I didn't open good and you had control of the game.

SINGLE: 5/5 (Win)

Deck Eatos: Chaos Blackwings
Deck Kisuo: Evilswarm

Single deck construction: 15/20
Single performance: 15/15

Replay: sendspace.com dhr7yb

No need to main 2 maxx C's,they fill space in your deck (better sided). If i'd use a Rock Stun deck and you opened 2 maxx C's...well 1 word comes to my mind...dead! Here i don't mind 3 x roar..it's acceptable. Device is not much needed in testing. Also i don't see solemn judgment anywhere. Maybe you could try mirror force too. Some notes on extra deck:

- Utopia Ray (you won't use this that much, if not at all)
- Merrowgeist
- Giant Hand
+ Evilswarm Ouroboros
+ Photon Papilloperative
+ Evilswarm Bahamut (you need 2)

Didn't notice any misplays here.

TOTAL: 76/100

Other Comments: Next time please make sure not to overuse stall cards as it's not considered a sign of dueling skills.

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


Congratulations, you will be assigned to the Ra Yellow Dorm.
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Team : Trojan

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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test - Kisuo   Fri Mar 29, 2013 1:51 am

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned, Thread Locked


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Dorm Test - Kisuo
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