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 Dorm Test - Shahroz7

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PostSubject: Dorm Test - Shahroz7   Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:37 pm

GAME 1: sendspace.com aeojtx
GAME 2: sendspace.com 61ez1h
SINGLES GAME: sendspace.com 1w75iy

MATCH: Tester - Agents
Testee - Obelisk the Tormentor Lockdown

Lost match x-x-x = 0 points


Match deck contruction: 0/20 (would have been 16/20)
Match Performance: 0/25 (would have been 13/25)

Construction comments:
Such a shame you used Magic Cylinder in this, what I would class as an extremely interesting build and one which I have never seen before. I would argue that if you are running an Obelisk the Tormentor deck, to have the main card at 3. Take out Magic Cylinder which is banned and add another Obelisk in, that is the first thing. I like the stalling with giant germ and the use of cards like Double Summon and Nimble Momonga. You could focus more on particular traps instead of going for a mixture which would help reinforce the deck. Cards like Safe Zone or Threatening Roar could be used instead of some other cards you run. The main card I reallylike was the use of Wattcobra, shame you don't run giraffe which would i suggest be excellent. I would take other cards out and increase the amounts of more important cards in the deck such as the Watt engine and Seal of Orichalcos which you could put 3 Terraforming in to search out. Not bad, needs improving!

Match Breakdown

First few turns uneventful. Not knowing what you run I allow you to summon 3 of your monsters and you bring out Obelisk the Tormentor but i counter with Hark hole next turn. I summon armory but am locked with Swords of Concealing and you summon Watt out to inflict damage, however with Archlord Kristya in hand which I manage to summon you are left to defend yourself with giant germ, but my attacking power is too great and i take g1.

You open defensively with zenmaines and 2 backrow and have me worried! i top a BLS in hand but you push for damage with wattcobra and have field control for the moment. I summon Doomcalibur in my turn which causes some problems for you, yoo had me on the ropes down to 2500LP, but I topped a Hyperion and it was game with me summoning BLS, Hyperion and another Doomcalibur in one turn.

Game 3:

SINGLE: Tester: Blackwing
Testee: Firekings

Lost Single: 0/5

Single deck construction: 13/20
Single performance: 10/15

Construction Comments:
I thought this was the weaker of your 2 decks, it wasnt a pure firekings build which suprised me. With other cards such as Laval Cannoneer and UFO Turtle?! I did not think these 2 worked so well with this type of deck, especially as your main focus should be around Nephtys and Garunix. Fire King Fire Cycle should be at 3 no question. I thought your tech of Prominence Knight was good, but you should look to other fire support cards and stalls such as Threatening Roar instead of cards like Molten Destruction

Game Breakdown:
I think you were unlucky in some respects in this, you played what you had in your hand well, for example using the Canonneer effect to deal me damage, however I believe you missplayed a couple of times for example when you overlayed for Black-Corn not using your yaksha effect which would have been more beneficial to you. I think this lost youfield advantage which i gained with Vayu effect. Topping Monster Reborn gives me access to your Nephthys, but you top rekindling and go for Shark Drake to try get over it. Unfortunately for you my Forbidden Lance stops you and clears your field. Topping Sirocco with a Black Whirlwind already on field seals your fate. Tributing Nephyths for Sirocco and bringing Bora the Spear to hand gives me the game.

Different Deck: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


Other comments: Unfortunately, running Magic Cylinder hindered your score. Your decks are there conceptionally, keep working perfecting the deck mixtures!

You will be joining Slifer Dorm - consider a retest with new improved decks (see the comments (and without banned cards)) and strive for Ra Dorm or higher next time!


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PostSubject: Re: Dorm Test - Shahroz7   Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:13 am

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned, Thread Locked


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Dorm Test - Shahroz7
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