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 Test Results - ChrisG

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Team : N/A

Posts : 198

Duel Points : 1775

Duel Record : 5-0-1

Level : 1
Dueling EXP :
25 / 10025 / 100

Character sheet
Name: Overlord Zedd
Deck: Emperor's Ascension

PostSubject: Test Results - ChrisG   Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:30 am

MATCH: 4/10 (o-x-x)

Deck Eatos: Worms
Deck ChrisG: Harpies

Match deck construction: 18/20
Match performance: 20/25

Replays: sendspace.com/filegroup/2rjxLJzMo3WgGLKnLPePcIsIZIiyvuPK

It seems pretty much a solid build. I must admit I really like that you included Sylphine in your extra deck. It's a really powerful card if used properly but some tend to forget it. Maybe you could try to fit Maestroke in your extra, to be honest I sometimes like maestroke (book of moon in a monster's effect) better than utopia,but that's personal. Good Simorgh siding,it could have killed pretty bad my deck if summoned.

Game 1: You should attack first and inflict maximum damage with your 2 monsters before going for daigusto. Other than this, I couldn't do much with a hand full of monsters and no veilers or traps to stop your chidori. Well played!

Game 2: When you went for Diawolf you used its effect to destroy my worm Xex while you should have targeted and destroyed Yagan.
Then as I had Gorz in my hand I chose honest with pod, but you only thought I did it for worm king. Next turn was game.

Game 3: This game you opened badly with monsters and good enough with traps (solemn brigade). This time I veilered your chidori but once again you stopped me from getting + when you solemned my nebula. Rai-oh, SLR and my face-down book of moon disrupted your strategy and gave me the win,nothing you could do here.

SINGLE: 0/5 (Loss)

Deck Eatos: Chaos Blackwings
Deck ChrisG: Kuraz Blade

Single deck construction: 14/20 ( 13+1 for deck originality)
Single performance: 9/15

Replay: sendspace.com pdjcfp

I'll be brief here. I saw and understood the rational behind your deck but i don't think it will always lead you to great hands in order to establish your game the way you want and win. While it has consistency to an extent, opponent's plays can interrupt your strategy and break your combos (like i did with solemn warning in sparrow). The random secret barrel what purpose it serves? Personally I believe you should have chosen another deck. This is not the best option you could pick for a Dorm Test! (no offense here) . What is more I can see that this deck indirectly makes you waste most of your hand resources (sometimes) in order to achieve some combos...this entails some risks i believe.


While you had sparrow on field why also summoned diamond dude? I guess you were searching for a spell to activate from grave next turn but didn't work out. I know it defends other monsters but if i had hole? Then with no other alternatives you tried to go for maestroke to buy some time but my TKR didn't let you. Then at a 50-50 move you dropped hole to pick reasoning. Luckily for me I declared level 6 and then you had only sparrow in grave which you saved for later..I had BLS in hand and warning face down so your sparrow in grave was not enough to give you more solutions and I won the game.

TOTAL: 65/100

Other Comments: The Kuraz Blade deck is original and fun but imo it's not the best option for a Dorm Test. Keep up like this and i'm sure you will get soon to Obelisk Blue!

Different decks: 3/3
Attitude: 2/2


Congratulations! You will be assigned to the Ra Yellow Dorm!
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Team : Vendetta

Posts : 6

Duel Points : 100

Duel Record : 0-0-0

Level : 1
Dueling EXP :
0 / 1000 / 100

PostSubject: Re: Test Results - ChrisG   Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:35 am

yes yes..originality is what we get from ChrisG!!!

Congrats and keep on building those wicked decks...


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Team : Trojan

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Duel Record : 3-0-1

Level : 1
Dueling EXP :
15 / 10015 / 100

Character sheet
Name: Rafial
Deck: Dragon Slayer

PostSubject: Re: Test Results - ChrisG   Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:19 am

Tester DP Awarded, Dorm Assigned, Thread Locked


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PostSubject: Re: Test Results - ChrisG   

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Test Results - ChrisG
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