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 Gladiator vs. X- Saber

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PostSubject: Gladiator vs. X- Saber   Sat Mar 23, 2013 7:30 am

Hey guys, I was just dueling earlier and I was testing out a gladiator beast deck and felt you guys should watch the duel and see how I did. This is an academy though right, so feedback would be nice I suppose Thanks Gladiator vs. X - Saber To watch the replay, just download the file and put it in the replay file in the YGOPro folder or percy.
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Team : Trojan

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Name: Rick
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PostSubject: Re: Gladiator vs. X- Saber   Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:46 pm

Things that I noticed. You took advantage of the x-saber players misplay with him just setting emmersblade and passing which was good. You made your own misplay by mst'ing your opp backrow in MP1 as chain link 2 to the bottomless of his garsem. You should have held on to the mst until the EP that way if he had extra backrow he would not have been able to set it or chain it. You made an atrocious misplay with the Bestiari on your own D-prison, remember He is a mandatory effect! Don't forget! Smile A nice come-back to seal tempo with darius into bestiari and then gyzarus. when you summoned murmillo off of test tiger you should have summoned in attack mode so that you could attack direct and then have a 2100 laquari or even darius into the Gyzarus in grave. You top-decked the prisma though and were able to come-back from your misplay and gain complete control over the board and won the game because of it.
So overall I'd say that you should be more wary of how your actions will affect the game-state not just as you do the move, but in how it will affect the game-state in the future turns of the game. I also recommend taking slower turns so that you can muse over all of your options so you can maximize your cards' impact. You'll find that as you get better and more experienced in Yugioh that these things will come naturally to you, however as it would have it, the Yugioh Gods tend to be less forgiving and you will find you wont always get the cards you need to win from your top-decks. Gladiator Beasts is a deck that toolboxes incredibly well and so you should make sure that you go over all your options frequently and in-depth.
So that's my input. To give you some advice in what I do, try to save most of your games and then watch them after and try to see where you misplayed so that you can correct it in the future. Good luck dueling and feel free to post something if you need any help.


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Gladiator vs. X- Saber
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