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PostSubject: TRADE SECTION RULES: READ FIRST   Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:00 am

Trade Section Rules - Read Carefully:

Understand that it is a privilege, not a right to trade on this section, normal YGOA rules apply here namely no spamming or harrassing members for trades. Trade thread can be removed at any time if an adminastrator or a moderator feels the need to do so. The rules of the trade section must be applied AT ALL TIMES

Posting your trade thread:
In your trade list you must specifiy at least 10 cards you have and are willing to trade and at least 5 cards you are looking for. Each member of YGOA is allowed ONE TRADE THREAD. Updates to your trade thread can be made by editing. Trying to post more than 1 trade thread will result in both being removed. Do not beg for cards, it is a members free will whether or not to trade for you. Failure to abide to these rules may result in your trade threat being removed.

Posting on others trade threads:
Please allow 48 hours for a response to a possible trade you have enquiries about, do not spam on other members trade thread about cards.

It may be beneficial to PM members to see if they will settle on a certain trade rather than continously posting on a trade thread.

Trading via positive feedback and through an Admin:
Trading will be done on a basis of feedback, the person with the higher positive feed will be sent the cards first and the person with the lower feedback will be sent the cards once the first person receives their cards. This is only done to ensure no scamming happens. If feedback scores are the same, trading will take place instead on a prestige basis (Higher ranked members of the academy will receive cards before lower ranked members)

You may choose to trade through an adminastrator/mod who will ensure that communications between both members about postage and updates is kept up to date and that members are in full communication with eachother. You do NOT HAVE TO trade through an adminastrator/mod but it is ADVISED. TRADING WITHOUT USE OF AN ADMINASTRATOR IS DONE AT THE MEMBERS OWN RISK.

Money trading is also allowed - if a member wishes to trade for money, the cards must be sent first before the money is sent. This is the ONLY instance when the positive feedback is ignored.

Posting Cards:
In order to post/receive your cards after you have agreed on a trade, you will need to PM the member with your address. Remember if you are trading internationally it may take up to 2/3 weeks for cards to arrive/be sent.

Pricing of Cards:
To avoid bad trades, we advise you check the price of cards you are looking to trade for using tcgplayer.com or ebay.com, both these sites will help you make appropriate decisions about your trading. If unsure seek help in chatbox/ with an admin or moderator who will help you.

This is an honest and friendly trade section. Deceit and false trading will NOT be tollerated and will result in a ban from YGOA. We are affiliated with DuelingNetworkForums and DuelingNetwork and thus it will also result in a report and a possible ban from both of these sites as well.


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