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 Dorm Test Results - Kanon

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PostSubject: Dorm Test Results - Kanon   Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:55 am

Six Samurai (Tester) Vs. Fire Fist (Testee)

Won match o-x-o = 7 points

Match Deck Construction: 17/20

Instead of the random night beam and a third mst I would advise adding two fire formation - kyokko as it is searchable. This would especially be helpful as you have added the extra panther to make up for the loss of two tenkis. Personally I would say 3 Tensen is too much and would cut 1 along with the second huge revolution for maybe two copies of a more versatile trap such as compulsory evacuation device. Two copies of huge revolution and one SLR is way too much. As for the extra deck I dont think you need the haze beast in there as its not going to be a likely summon, try sirius the blue star dog as it gives u access to deck devastation virus and eradicator epidemic virus (due to the formation spells making it 2500). I also dont think you need two lion emperer, maybe add utopia, blackship of corn or gagaga cowboy. Overall it is a decent build.

Match Duel Performance: 20/25

Game 1: Turn 3, activated tensu and summoned a second panther after tributing a panther to search the tensu out... You had bear in hand. Turn 5 you summoned beast-god vulcan and returned your panther... you should have returned tenki so u can re use it since dorm tests have limited the card. Overall well played and solemn judgement sealed the win for you.

Game 2: Good siding of gozen match although I dont know what 1 random copy will do as you need to draw it so siding in 2 copies would have been better. Again 1 random copy of chain disappearance, good side decking choice but 2 copies would be more effective. Not much you good do this game after i warning'd your bear. By turn 3 I had Shien, Barkion and Beast which meant good game im affraid.

Game 3: 1 random fossil dyna sided in is really weird.. especially for a deck that special summons potentially every turn. That choice is questionable. Turn 4 mainphase 2 you summoned a chicken due to tensu but didnt use chicken effect to search tenki... Not sure why you didnt do this. You also could have popped a backrow with the gorilla you had out, and by not doing so I was able to go Shi En the turn after. Turn 6 you summoned Bear and didnt pop my Shi En and overlayed with Gorilla, which once again you could have used to pop either of my 2 back row cards, yes 1 of them was a counter trap but you were not aware of this. Your decks speed eventually got you advantage and you won, well played.

Blackwings (Tester) Vs. Gagaga Spellcasters (Testee)

Lost Single = 0 points

Single Deck Construction: 14/20

Interesting deck you have here, not sure if maining 2 dark creators or any at all for that matter is great as you dont have crazy grave control, I see the needle bug nest but you run about 18 monsters and not sure if i would advise you running that trap as you have more chance of milling your spell/trap cards. Further more if you do want to put spell casters or dark monsters in the grave then surely you would run foolish burial? I would suggest adding a second veiler as 1 random veiler is pointless and possibly a dark armed dragon as it would be easier to summon. Not sure why you have that prophecy xyz in your extra deck, there are far better choices and you can't even use its effects as you dont have any spell book cards in your deck unless you plan to just shuffle your deck for the hell of it xD. Extra deck can be fine tuned I'd say and possible implement instant fusions as there are level 5 spell casters you can use to overlay with as I notice you are also focused on rank 5 plays. You should also add some basic rank 4's e.g. maestroke, blackship of corn and possibly gagaga cowboy.

Single Duel Performance: 9/15

My first turn heavy storm was very unlucky for you as mirror force was the only protection you had to even have a chance of making any plays the next turn, furthermore I had a counter for your dark hole. In the end the extra damage thanks to kalut go me game early on. I would advise you make some changes to the deck as it seems incocnsistent.

Different Decks: 3/3

Overall Attitude: 1/2

Total Score: 71/100

Replays: sendspace.com/filegroup/dGOzFiRq4aQ1R5rw4h%2Bq5MS0J75H9vnk

Congratulations! You have been assigned to ---> RA Yellow Dorm! Good luck with your next test.
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Dorm Test Results - Kanon
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